Starcraft II Tychus Findlay Sixth Scale Figure ready for action – “Hell…it’s about time!”

Following his old pal Jim Raynor, Sideshow is proud to introduce the Tychus Findlay Terran Space Marine Sixth Scale Figure from Blizzard’s best selling strategy game, Starcraft II.


Former soldier. Erstwhile thief. Convicted felon. Tychus Findlay has been called a lot of things, to which his reply is usually a rousing, “Guilty as charged!” Surrounded by rumors regarding his reputation, even Jim Raynor – the one man who knows him best – can’t always distill fact from fiction. But while no one can be certain of the truth behind his past, or just where his loyalties lie, one thing is for sure: Tychus Findlay always goes big. Always.


“My appearance is an incredible asset.”

Assembled from over 525 individually engineered components, Findlay gears up in Sideshow’s Sixth Scale Terran Space Marine armor with an incredible range of articulation, multiple light-up features, and colorful array of unique decals that suit him just fine – including snarky quips, tally marks and a pin-up of Kyla Velassi.

“When in doubt, empty your magazine.”

Known for his big ego and even bigger guns, there’s no job in the whole universe too dangerous for this outlaw when he’s got a couple of Terran flash grenades and a light-up C-14 Impaler Gauss rifle with bayonet attachment and removable clip.

A born survivor, Tychus bears his ‘New Folsom Prison blues’ with true grit thanks to two interchangeable portraits; by putting on a scathing scowl, or simply enjoying one of the best cigars in the Koprulu sector.

Artist Credits

  • Walter O’Neal (Sculpt)
  • Trevor Grove (Sculpt)
  • Big Shot Toyworks (Sculpt)
  • Wan Lee (Paint & Deco)
  • Mike Najera (Paint & Deco)
  • Anthony Mestas (Paint & Deco)
  • Jennifer Garret (Paint & Deco)
  • Matt Bischof (Development)
  • Jesse Lincoln (Development)
  • Kevin Ellis (Development)
  • Sideshow Design & Development Team

Tychus Findlay will be priced at $524.99, with optional payment plans available.
Pre-orders begin this Thursday, February 19th.

“Damn. You sure know how to pick your friends, Jimmy.”

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