John Wick: What Do All The Coins Represent?

In the John Wick franchise, The Continental holds many secrets and tense relationships. The peace is held only by agreements and rules made by the High Table. But where do these agreements come from? What system upholds them?

The key to all of these questions is the coins that all the assassins carry with them. Let’s dig deeper, into the pockets of every assassin in The Continental, and learn just what these tokens mean.

Blood Oath Marker

Quod Debitum Sanquine.

These are the words written on the Blood Oath Marker from the world of John Wick. The Latin phrase translates to “The Blood Debt” but practically stands as the strongest and most dangerous promise that anyone could make. If someone makes a blood oath, it means a favor can be called at any moment.

The marker features a skull in the center with stylized grape vines wrapped around it. These symbols parallel the threat of death (the skull) wrapped around in blood as red as wine (the grapes) and with a crown on top of it all to show that nothing is higher than the oath, like there is nothing higher than a king.

Arabic Blood Oath Marker

“Two rules, Jonathan — no blood on Continental grounds, and every marker must be honored…it’s what separates us from the animals.”

The blood oath isn’t just a dramatic saying. It requires blood. Inside each marker, there is a compartment. It is nearly like a locket, with a room enough inside just for a little bit of blood.

Inside the beautifully adorned Arabic Blood Oath Marker, there’s room enough for a thumbprint. And on the outside, intricate markings that offer a Middle Eastern design to the Blood Oath Marker. There’s more detail and more hidden symbolism in the calligraphic designs than meets the eye, complete with a gold skull in the center.

Adjudicator’s Medallion

“Mr. Wick broke the rules…I trust you understand the repercussions if he survives.”

Only an Adjudicator can fix things in the dangerous world of assassins. And the proof of their power all rests on the Adjudicator’s Medallion. It is a symbol of power and prestige. If you hold the medallion, your word is law.

The medallion features Latin just like the Blood Oath Marker. It reads, “Actiones secundum fidei.” It translates to the phrase, “We act according to what we believe (ourselves to be),” meaning that the whole of the organization will act accordingly with the Adjudicators, by penalty of death.

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