Kylo Ren’s Rogue One trailer reaction video is the best Rogue One reaction video

Reaction video? Or overreaction video? You be the judge.

With reaction videos to movie trailers and shows like Game of Thrones being all the rage these days, we were thrilled to see this Kylo Ren Rogue One trailer reaction video by the Auralnauts over on The A.V. Club.

We can only assume that Kylo has a little down time as the First Order regroups and prepares for their next assault on the galaxy, but we remain worried that he hasn’t quite figured out how to deal with his anger issues.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by Kylo Ren do not reflect the views of Sideshow Collectibles in regard to the casting of Hayden Christensen, nor do we endorse the destruction of property…or planets.