Rogue One trailer: What we love!

They say patience is a virtue. Well, Star Wars fans had to exercise some in anticipation of the new Rogue One trailer. We waited and we waited, and the wait paid off! Not only did we see some brand new footage, but we left with a better understanding of the mission at hand and learned a bit more about some of the characters.

Here’s what we liked the best:

The Empire is on the ground now…based on planets? The fact that a Star Destroyer is hovering inside an atmosphere really demonstrates the vast reach and power of the Empire. It is brilliant how one image can do so much to drill the point home… and we’re just getting started.

jedha destroyer

K-2SO has the attitude we like to see in a droid! It’s like he’s the best parts of both R2 and 3PO. In a movie before the events of our beloved droids, he is definitely a breath of fresh air. Also, Alan Tudyk.


We got to see a U-Wing…Have we seen one in a movie before? We will be googling this fact, because this seems like an EU/video game thing that has finally become a reality.


Jyn faces off with a TIE Fighter!  It’s hard to tell if she’s facing off against the TIE Fighter or if maybe that TIE Fighter will end up being piloted by someone she knows and it’s a “surprise!” kind of moment.

jyn v TIE

And, of course, VADER!!!!

vader plans

We did notice that Mads Mikkelsen is strangely absent from this trailer, and beyond who he is, there is very little we know about his role in the story.  However, we only dwelled on that bit for a hot minute because someone shot an explosive at an AT-AT’s head.

AT-ACT down

Overall, it’s safe to say that we could not be more excited for December… which means more waiting. It’s okay, though. “All is as the Force wills it.”

*GIFs credited to the Dork Side of the Force