Make Way for the Main Man- Here Comes the Lobo Maquette!

Oh man, I knew I wuz gonna have fun t’day! Just fraggin’ knew it!

Sideshow presents the Main Man himself, the fraggin’ Lobo Maquette.

The Lobo Maquette measures 20” tall and 23” wide as the cigar-chomping intergalactic bounty hunter plays a killer riff on a ridiculously detailed three-barreled guitar gun.  Packed with Easter egg details, this statue is a must-have for fans of this big bad bastich.

The Lobo Maquette features a mixed media costume, combining sculpted elements with detailed fabric applications. Lobo has a sculpted undershirt, gloves, and skull-topped boots along with custom-tailored fabric pants and a faux-leather vest with his iconic ‘Bite Me Fan Boy’ patch slapped on the back.  This polyresin maquette also features several metal chain elements, holding his signature necklace and giant hanging hook.

The Exclusive Edition of the Lobo Maquette includes an alternate portrait featuring dreadlocks and a vicious snarl. Give the Main Man an updated look with this badass additional display option.

The last Czarnian is ready to rock your world- Bring home the bounty and add the Lobo Maquette to your DC Comics collectibles today!

Pre-orders for the Lobo Maquette will begin on Thursday, March 14th between 12pm-3pm PST.  The Exclusive Edition will be priced at $750.00 USD, and the Collector Edition will be priced at $730.00 USD.

Artist Credits:

  • Design: Andrew Huerta, Alex Pascenko, Ian MacDonald, Richard Luong, and Martin Canale
  • Sculpt: Martin Canale
  • Mold and Cast: Adam Smith, Chadwick Andersen, Jeremy Williams
  • Paint: Ed Bradley, Bernardo Esquivel
  • Cut and Sew: Tim Hanson