Watch the Making of the Yoda Mythos Statue by Sideshow

Join us behind the scenes! Sideshow Artist Chie Izuma takes us into the paint room while she works on the Yoda Mythos Statue, a Star Wars collectible which envisions Master Yoda’s years as a young Jedi. Izuma shows us all of the techniques involved in bringing this piece to life, from an airbrush base coat to shading and detailed brushwork.

Watch the Yoda Mythos Statue “making of” video below or on Sideshow’s official YouTube channel.

Yoda Mythos Statue by Sideshow

Witness a master rising! The Yoda Mythos Statue measures 17” tall and 11.75” wide, capturing a glimpse of the agile and enigmatic alien during his younger days as a galactic peacekeeper. Nine hundred years old he is not, as he leaps with ease through the smoldering, shattered wreckage of a ship’s hull in this gravity-defying pose. His lightsaber™ is extended and his arm is outstretched as the fierce battle continues. Though short of stature, Yoda proves even the smallest being can make the biggest impact through the living Force.

The polystone Yoda Mythos Statue is fully sculpted with dynamic motion throughout the piece to emphasize his power and adherence to the Jedi creed. His layered tan and brown robes feature detailed textures and accents that add a richness to the hero’s traditional garb. He also wears his signature blissl™ necklace and a set of beaded bracelets on his wrists. This imaginative look at the legendary Yoda’s life is a must-have for Star Wars fans of any generation.

The Exclusive Edition of the Yoda Mythos Statue includes a swap-out portrait featuring an alternate top-knot hairstyle and an alternate motion-swipe lightsaber blade. While his determination remains the same, these exclusive display options give fans an opportunity to change Yoda’s battle-ready look with additional elements of Star Wars Mythos storytelling.

Star Wars Mythos Collection

As a series, Sideshow’s Mythos Collection allows the collector to imagine what could have been, but maybe never was. They are myths meant to be initiated by the eye and completed by the mind.

General Obi-Wan Kenobi

“It takes strength to resist the dark side. Only the weak embrace it.”

The General Obi-Wan Kenobi™ Mythos Statue revisits a fan-favorite Star Wars hero during the Clone Wars™, a crucial period in his journey as a Jedi Master.

Darth Vader

“Anakin Skywalker was weak. I destroyed him.”

Sideshow’s Darth Vader™ Mythos Statue depicts this menacing Sith Lord™ as he stands atop the flaming wreckage of a Rebel X-Wing™ engine.

Anakin Skywalker

“You must know I will never join the dark side willingly.”

With two swap-out portraits, the Anakin Skywalker™ Mythos Statue brings a beloved hero’s epic character arc to your collection.

Darth Maul

“Always remember I am fear! Always remember I am a hunter!”

The Darth Maul™ Mythos Statue is on the attack as he lunges through your galaxy of Star Wars collectibles.

Asajj Ventress

“Your fall will be my ascension.”

This Asajj Ventress™ Mythos Statue shows a lethal Nightsister™ as she stands poised on the growths of a Dathomirian™ swamp base.

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