Making our list, checking it twice…

Each year during the holiday season, we invite fans and collectors to join us in our Sideshow Gives Back program and send us wishes for loved ones deserving of a little something special. So far, the Sideshow elves have received over 1,500 wishes, and we have prepared over $15,000 in gifts, in an effort to help make the holidays a little brighter.

As we read each and every one of your wishes, we’ve found stories filled with warmth, generosity, and more than a little humor. As we prepare to send out a third wave of gifts, we’d like to share just a few from the top of our list…

“Please send a hero he can call his own.”

This mother told us the joy that she and her son get from playing together with her sixth scale figures is worth more than any mint-in-box collection, and made a wish for a hero her son could call his own.

“When I wanted Air Jordans my dad sold his favorite Hot Toys Joker to get them for me. He would do anything for me and is the best dad I could ever ask for. If I could buy him anything in the whole wide world I would get him a Hot Toys Joker.”

“I think a lifetime of friendship deserves a reward.”

This fan’s best and most loyal friend has “more ticket stubs for The Avengers than he has toes. He believes a lifetime of friendship deserves a reward, and so do we!

This young fan nominated her brave older brother, who suffers from a heart condition. He is a true superhero in her eyes, and ours.

“My best friend is my big brother. He is 16 years old and he is my hero. I hope you can make his wish come true.”

“To me, he is essentially Peter Parker before Peter was bitten by the spider. He doesn’t know his own strength, the power he holds within, he’s just waiting for the one pivotal moment for it all to be unleashed and his entire life to change.”

“My mum won’t let dad have any more life size busts coz he keeps making the noises of the statues as he walks past them and she’s getting grumpy with him. He just got War Machine life size bust and keeps making machine gun noises. He would love another Iron Man bust, and so would me and my little brother hearing him make more silly noises.”

“My mom is my best friend and one of the only people I can geek out with about Marvel stuff. She gives up everything for me so I’ll be happy, and this would be a wonderful way for me to give something back.”

“I love this man with all my heart and he is the biggest geek I know :)”

“I’d like to get my brother something that really shows that he deserves better than what he has and that hes appreciated for all the kindness he’s shown to our family.”

It’s not too late to submit your wish for someone you love! Fill out a form by December 15th, and we might be able to help you spread some holiday cheer this year.