The Mandalorian Season 3 Episode 3 Review

By Melody McCune

The Mandalorian’s™ latest episode, “Chapter 19: The Convert,” takes a page out of Andor’s™ book by showcasing a slice-of-life story on Coruscant. It’s quite the departure for the series, as we usually focus heavily on religious themes and the identity of self among those doctrines. This outing adopts a political tone, filling in the blanks regarding life in a post-Empire world. It almost feels like a backdoor pilot, in a way.

Of course, the uniting thread between the world of Din Djarin™ and this episodic plot is two recurring characters: Dr. Penn Pershing and Elia Kane, formerly employed by Moff Gideon™. While not everyone will enjoy the deviation from Din, I’m giving it props for shaking things up. I’m all for big narrative swings. For the most part, the episode works for me. I enjoy watching the political machinations and everyday life in this galaxy far, far away, and it’s fun to see Star Wars lean more into that than strictly larger-than-life stories.

After a Nice Swim

We open with our trio lounging in the Mines of Mandalore after Bo-Katan Kryze™ saved Din Djarin from falling into the depths of the Living Waters. Grogu™ nervously stands by his papa while the latter is unconscious. Once Din wakes, he declares himself redeemed, with Bo-Katan vouching for him. She asks him if he saw anything strange while underwater, like, say, a giant Mythosaur. Din claims he didn’t. He was too busy falling unconscious (my words).

The Battle of Kalevala

Next, Bo-Katan transports Din and Grogu on her ship back to Kalevala, where Din’s vessel is. Suddenly, a horde of Imperial TIE fighters begins shooting at them. Din hops out of Bo-Katan’s ship and into his own as he helps her ward off their attackers. There are loads of chasing and shooting. R5-D4™ isn’t a fan of Bo-Katan’s feats of derring-do and the general mayhem of the situation.

When Bo-Katan and Din believe they’ve triumphed over their pursuers, the former notices her castle is on fire (and, unfortunately, there’s no homeowners insurance on Kalevala). Bo-Katan finds even more TIE fighters lying in wait. Din persuades her to refrain from exacting revenge so they can escape with their lives. Once they leave the planet, Din reveals he knows where they can seek refuge.


Remember this fella? Dr. Penn Pershing, formerly under Moff Gideon’s employ, is now part of an amnesty program on Coruscant. (Coruscant is an “ecumenopolis,” meaning a planet encompassed by a single city.) We see him speak to a roaring crowd about his cloning and gene engineering work under the Empire. Elia Kane, who was Moff Gideon’s communications officer, watches Pershing from the stands. Pershing expresses remorse regarding his actions but hopes to find redemption while making a difference under New Republic rule.

After his inspiring speech, several attendees swarm Pershing, offering kind words and encouragement. The droid who drives him back to his quarters rattles off a laundry list of sights to see and fun excursions to take on Coruscant. When Pershing arrives at the amnesty housing, he mingles with other former Imperial officers in the program, including Kane. They reminisce about the things they miss from the old days — not all the murder and villainy, of course. Pershing reveals he misses the yellow biscuits they had on the ship.

A Day in the Life

That night, Pershing hears someone at his door. He opens it to find a tin full of yellow biscuits. Does he have a secret admirer or an unhinged stalker? The following day, Pershing is hard at work in a seemingly entry-level position at his new job. One of his coworkers wonders why someone with extensive experience and pedigree is working this particular position. Pershing claims he’s merely happy to work at all. Fun fact: Pershing’s coworker wishes him a happy “Benduday.” Benduday is the fifth and final day of the week in the galactic standard calendar.

Next, Kane and Pershing go out for a night on the town. Pershing takes in the sights of Coruscant, marveling at how everyone banded together to create something that betters lives. While discussing the future, the pair munch on what looks like laser popsicles (and Pershing’s is melting). Pershing admits he wishes he could continue his work. He believes that his research could save people if placed in the right hands. Kane reveals there’s a mobile lab station on an old Imperial ship in the junkyard. Maybe they could venture there, and Pershing could grab supplies. That sounds dangerous.

Are You Happy?

Later, Pershing sits with a droid who evaluates his tenure in the amnesty program. Is he happy? Does he get along with everyone? You know, those sorts of questions. Pershing asks if he could pursue his own research recreationally. The droid reveals Pershing’s particular area of work, clone and genetic engineering, is prohibited by the Coruscant Accords. Sad day.

Kane waits for him post-evaluation. She urges him to reconsider her proposal about going to the lab on the Imperial ship. Pershing seems hesitant. He doesn’t want to get into trouble, especially since he genuinely wants to make up for his past deeds.

However, one event at work catalyzes his decision to join Kane on her expedition. Pershing notices they’re destroying Imperial files that could serve as valuable insight for the New Republic. He sits with the droid again for an evaluation and asks if helping the New Republic “supersedes everything else.” When the droid confirms that, Pershing tells Kane he wants to travel to the lab in the junkyard. Adventure time!

Taungsdays, am I right?

Pershing and Kane sneak out of the amnesty housing under cover of night. They hop aboard a flying subway that’ll lead them to the junkyard. Pershing seems intimidated by the passengers, so Kane attempts to assuage Pershing’s fear by engaging in conversation with one of said passengers. “Taungsdays, am I right?” she jokes. Another fun fact: Taungsday is the third day of the week in the galactic standard calendar.

Then, once the train moves, Pershing follows Kane as they travel from car to car. A droid observes them while they move but doesn’t interfere. When the subway passes through the junkyard, Pershing and Kane jump off. Pershing, never one for seeking thrills, seems to enjoy the adrenaline rush of going against the grain. He admires the sights of the city around him.

A Blast From the Past

Pershing and Kane spot the massive, now defunct Imperial ship in the junkyard. They venture inside, armed with flashlights, and make their way toward the lab. While en route, Kane apologizes for never introducing herself when they worked for Moff Gideon. The pair formally introduces themselves now, but as their full names, not their amnesty program ID numbers. Once they find the lab, Pershing fills a container with the necessary supplies to continue his vital research.

Next, the duo hears someone (or something) rattling about outside the ship. They try to escape undetected; however, the authorities catch them. They arrest Pershing but not Kane. As it turns out, Kane betrayed him, tricking him into accompanying her to the junkyard so he would get caught. Sneaky!


Later, we see Pershing strapped to a board while an officer explains what’ll transpire next. A new mode of memory wipe has been approved for rehabilitation. It’s not as strong as the Mind Flayer (no, not that Mind Flayer), but it’ll get the job done.

Pershing begs for them not to erase his mind. He explains Kane framed him. Initially, he didn’t want to break the rules by going to the junkyard and stealing Imperial tech. Kane watches on the other side of the glass. One New Republic employee praises Kane for being a prime example of why the amnesty program is important. She claims Pershing is her friend, and he merely lost his way. She asks if she can stay to watch him.

Suddenly, the mind wipe begins. It seems to be on a lower, less invasive level. Pershing even looks content with the process. However, when Kane’s left alone with Pershing, she turns the flaying up as high as it’ll go, clearly hellbent on ensuring it does the most damage to Pershing’s mind. (Remind me never to let her torture me!)

Finding Old Friends

Meanwhile, we return to Din, Bo-Katan, and Grogu as they seek shelter following their battle with the TIE fighters. They arrive at the Armorer’s covert on Glavis Ringworld, where Din was at the beginning of the Season 3 premiere. He presents the Armorer with proof that the Living Waters on Mandalore still exist, handing her a vial. She pours out its contents and confirms Din’s evidence is the real deal — Mandalore isn’t cursed, nor was it entirely eradicated following the Purge.

The Armorer declares Din and Bo-Katan have been redeemed since both submerged themselves in the Living Waters, and neither has removed their helmets. She offers Bo-Katan sanctuary in the covert for as long as the latter needs it. Bo-Katan seems hesitant, especially since she doesn’t adhere to The Way, but, hey, shelter is shelter.

What Comes Next?

“Chapter 19: The Convert” appears to plant the seeds for the sequel trilogy. While Kane was certainly kind to Pershing from the jump, something seemed off about her. Even though her betrayal wasn’t entirely unpredictable, it did make her character more intriguing. Where do her allegiances lie? Is she still covertly working for Moff Gideon, who, by all accounts, escaped before reaching the War Tribunal? Maybe she’s allied with Snoke or Palpatine.

After all, Palpatine essentially returns as a clone. Pershing studied clone and genetic engineering. Perhaps she wanted to keep him quiet since she knew he wouldn’t help the Empire resurrect Palpatine. So many questions!

I hope The Mandalorian doesn’t completely abandon the Coruscant storyline. I’m not saying we need frequent revisits, but even a few-minute scene to show Kane’s arc might be interesting.

As for Din and Bo-Katan, the latter seems to be hiding something. Their dynamic is one of the most fascinating aspects of Season 3 so far, and I’m excited to dissect it in the coming episodes. Their conflicting perspectives and varied viewpoints regarding the Mandalorian creed always make for an interesting watch.

Will we return to Mandalore at some point this season? Who do you think Kane is loyal to? Share your thoughts with other Star Wars fans at, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!