Marvel Matchup: Colossus vs Juggernaut

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immoveable object? Today, we’re taking a look at the classic X-Men mashup of Colossus vs Juggernaut.

It’s happened time and time again, and even made its way into the Deadpool sequel! But many fans might not know is just how close of a call it really is when these two Marvel Comics powerhouses trade punches.

Be an unstoppable force and move your way through this article to get a better sense of the strength of Russian steel vs. the might of Cyttorak. Who do you think will win?



Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin was born in the Soviet Union, living on a farm with his brother and sister. He was 13 when his mutant abilities first manifested. When he originally received his powers, he used them to help the other people in his nation. He was praised as a sort of state hero, but his powers were not truly his to use. He was not truly free.

He was not free, at least, until Professor X came to rescue him. Xavier offered him a place at his School for Gifted Youngsters, where he could learn to use and harness his powers. There, they were his to use as he pleased. And Piotr decided he wanted to become a hero. For all his steel skin, he has a heart of gold.


Colossus has the ability to covert his entire body into a unique steel-like organic substance. This metallic form is extremely durable, able to withstand almost any form of pressure, keeping his internal organs and head safe. His transition to an armored form is a conscious choice, and it’s unclear how long he can hold the form. However, if he is knocked unconscious, he automatically transitions back. He also must transform his entire self- he cannot selectively transform individual parts of his body.

And while Colossus is naturally strong, when he is in this armored form, he is impossibly strong with a class 100 strength, meaning that he could lift more than 100 tons. There’s no certain limit to his strength, and like most heroes, it is augmented by his willpower. His transformation renders him easily the most powerful X-Men on the team. His skin can also withstand heat up to 9000 degrees Fahrenheit, which is all but the temperature of the surface of the Sun. He can withstand cold to nearly absolute zero.


Both Vibranium and Adamantium pose a threat to his unique metal-organic skin and have been able to slash through it in the past. Additionally, his metal skin can melt at temperatures that are too hot, and freeze at absolute zero, leaving him brittle enough to break.

More than anything, Colossus‘ greatest weakness is his greatest strength: he wants to be a hero. He is a powerful mutant, but when he’s in his human form, he’s just a human. He will do whatever it takes to save the day, and as always, someone villainous enough could use that against him and make him turn back into his human form.



Cain Marko is Professor X’s step-brother, but he wasn’t born with extraordinary powers. Instead, he grew up forming a deep hatred for the ever-gifted, ever-beloved Charles Xavier, and did as much as he could to undermine and sabotage Charles’ plans. When Marko and Xavier were serving in the military, Marko put his brother in danger and went exploring in a deep cave where he found a temple to an old god.

Inside the temple, he found a glowing ruby. He grabbed the gem and its power to become a human Juggernaut, and the Avatar of the ancient god Cyttorak. He often found himself opposing the X-Men, perhaps out of spite, and perhaps out of his alignment with other malignant supers.


Juggernaut is granted all of his powers from the god demon Cyttorak. It’s unclear just how powerful Cyttorak is, but it’s safe to say that his power is effectively unlimited. He can grant as much as he wants to Juggernaut, and still be impossibly powerful. The primary power he grants Juggernaut is strength, but he also does not need to sleep, eat, or breathe, nor does he require any other form of sustenance. He can survive so long as he is the Avatar of Cyttorak.

Once Juggernaut gains momentum, nothing can slow him down. His power is called Irresistible Force Embodiment. His helmet prevents telepathic influence, and his armor makes him even stronger. He is often regarded as one of the strongest people on Earth, even able to contend with The Hulk. His strength is Class 100+, meaning that there has never been any known limit to his strength. And Cyttorak can always grant him more power, too.


Just as Cyttorak can grant him power, he can take it away. Since Cain Marko has been Juggernaut for so long, he will always have superhuman strength, but without his armor or gem, he is absolutely nowhere near as powerful. Also, while he is unstoppable, that does not mean he’s extremely agile. Dodging him is often the best form of defense. And finally, Juggernaut is easily angered, and when he’s angry, he is more likely to make mistakes.


If you look up how powerful Colossus is, his true power is often expressed by the fact that he can even go toe to toe with Juggernaut. This is true, to a point. Juggernaut’s power is unlimited, especially when sponsored by Cyttorak. And with his willingness to win any fight, he could even manipulate Colossus, though he’s never been shown to be that clever.

Juggernaut would really only need to land a single hit on Colossus to knock him out and make him lose him armored form. However, Colossus is far more agile that Juggernaut, and could dodge him and counter him with better martial arts training easily.

But to make matters even more interesting, Colossus has also been the Juggernaut before. Cyttorak can choose the Avatar for his powers at any moment, and in a choice between Piotr Rasputin and Cain Marko, Cyttorak has chosen Colossus. Cyttorak said that Colossus was his favorite Juggernaut for thousands of years, because Colossus had the true potential to be destructive.

So while Juggernaut is much more powerful, and would normally be able to win in a fight, Colossus could convince Cyttorak to transfer his power, or even cut off Cain Marko’s connection to Cyttorak. Cain Marko would be left as a normal human. Colossus would still be a powerful mutant.

And if all else fails, Colossus could still anger Juggernaut enough to get him to run straight into the ocean. It’s happened before, and it will likely happen again.

(And failing all of that that, call in Colossus’ ally and romantic interest Kitty Pryde to phase Juggernaut through the floor and halt him in his tracks!)

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Let us know who you think would win between the Steel Soviet and the Avatar of Cyttorak. And as always, don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!