Marvel’s The Punisher Twitter Teases Episode Titles and Release Date with Morse Code

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One batch, two batch…

On August 28th, the Twitter account for Marvel‘s The Punisher on Netflix tweeted out a series of cryptic messages, with information revealed through the sneaky use of Morse code.

Initially, the first tweet revealed the phrase “3AM”, thought by many to be a tease of the release hour of the upcoming series, which is set to debut in Fall 2017 following August’s release of The Defenders.

But as more of these messages rolled in, fans quickly decoded more and more phrases which revealed the titles of all 13 episodes of the show.  The Punisher, a Daredevil spinoff, will follow the trend of each previous solo series spanning 13 episodes, whereas The Defenders Season 1 only had 8 episodes.  A preview for The Punisher served as the “after-credits scene” of the Netflix team-up show, seen below.

The full list of tweets is visible on The Punisher official Twitter account, but for anyone who is still buffing up on their Morse code knowledge, the complete list of episode titles in order is:

  1.  3 AM
  2. Two Dead Men
  3. Kandahar
  4. Resupply
  5. Gunner
  6. The Judas Goat
  7. Crosshairs
  8. Cold Steel
  9. Front Toward Enemy
  10. Virtue of the Vicious
  11. Danger Close
  12. Home
  13. Memento Mori

Each title relates to Frank Castle’s history in the military, as well as his beliefs and morals as a prominent antihero and vigilante.  The episode titles have clever ways of appearing in each show, so it will be thrilling to see where each of these phrases or ideas appears in relation to Frank Castle and his story.

The Twitter account teased another video, featuring the images of some of the main characters of this series along with a purposefully obscured release date, marked “classified”.  If the show is set to debut before 2017 is over, we may only have a few more weeks, or a few short months before The Punisher debuts on Netflix.

Most people are still catching up on The Defenders, but after the drama of Daredevil Season 2 and the fate of the Devil in The Defenders, we’re all eager to see how Frank Castle will make his explosive appearance on the Netflix scene.

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