Meet this week’s Featured Collector

Featured Collector Chris P.

Chris P.

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Started Collecting: I started when I was about five and as time has gone on with some luck I have been able to collect what I love. My job can be difficult at times and when I come home after spending time with my boys my collection calms me down and lets me realize how lucky I am.

I believe in the stories behind the collection. Take, for instance, my life-size Silver Surfer. At the time I saw it online I was going through a divorce, and of course my life was shattered. I made contact with the owner and advised her what was going on. I told her I could make payments but she politely refused, and told me to just keep in touch and let her know when I got back on track. Well six months later I did and this is what she said, “I don’t know you but you seem very kind and in need of a break. The Surfer is on me, just pay for shipping.” Ever since then, when I sell stuff I look for that one person that “needs a break” and most of the time I just give it to them.

Featured Collector Chris P.