Meet this week’s Featured Collector

Jason T.

Location: Ohio, USA

Started Collecting: It started in 1977.  Fresh out of diapers, I sat down in front of the TV and saw Bill Bixby turn into a green Lou Ferrigno.  I was hooked.  That transformation ignited my love affair with comic books, the art inside, and collecting the memorabilia.  The comics sparked a love of art, which I pursued as a career.

I teach Kindergarten and first grade art; I’m in a great district and I’ve been blessed with a huge art room. Back when I was in school, the art rooms were pretty lackluster.  I always thought that if I ever became an art teacher, I would make the art room an exciting place to inspire creativity; after all, shouldn’t the art room be the most visually striking room in the school?  Sequential storytelling is the last great American art form; using the characters of this art form, I try to create an environment that gets my students’ creative juices flowing!  The kids love it and their parents do, too!

Most collections are inside homes.  Other than a few guests, the items are rarely seen by others.  I’m very blessed to be able to share my collection with over 450 kids a week!  If I can get kids excited to learn–excited to come to school…isn’t that half the battle?