Michael Douglas on Ant-Man 3, Pedro Pascal Joins Community, and more!

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Michael Douglas on Ant-Man 3


Actor Michael Douglas answered a few fan questions on an Instagram Q&A. When he was asked about Ant-Man 3, he teased that there might be some information coming out pretty soon. There is no further news about Ant-Man 3 at this time.

Pedro Pascal Joins Community


Pedro Pascal is set to join a virtual table read of Dan Harmon’s Community. Dan Harmon announced it on his instagram saying, Pedro Pascal will play Pierce’s lawyer. He’s on some Disney show where Boba Fett’s in college with Yoda’s niece. In keeping with that theme, the part of Troy will be played by Lando.” The virtual table read of Community will be held on May 18th.

Extraction 2 In the Works

Joe Russo is set to write the sequel to Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth. Russo explained that the story is wide open for Extraction 2, and he’s not sure whether they’ll go forward or backward in time. There is no further news about Extraction 2.

James Wan’s New Sci-Fi Adaptation

According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Wan is set to create an adaptation of a short story called Hunting Season. Wan, known for his work on Aquaman, will be working with John Wick writer Derek  Kolstad, and Transformers producer Don Murphy to create the film. The story will follow a time traveling ex-cop sent to the past to be executed, fighting to acclimate to his new era and find a way to survive.

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