Mighty Thor — What Weapons Does Jane Foster Use?

Some of the most iconic parts of the Marvel universe are the weapons our heroes use to fight evil and protect the innocent. Think of Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s armor, Wolverine’s claws, and Thor’s hammer. Each is an incredible addition to the heroic potential of the weapon’s wielder. And in recent years, many of these items have become a legacy for other characters looking to rise and meet the evils threatening their worlds — legacies like Jane Foster, Laura Kinney, Ironheart, and Sam Wilson. Even a civilian can make a difference, whether or not they have powers — but it never hurts to have some extra help!

Like a hammer, the tools in any hero’s arsenal can be used both constructively and destructively. And with as many career changes as Jane Foster has had, she’s certainly gotten her hands on a number of items to help get the job done. Let’s revisit some of the many weapons Jane Foster has used throughout the Marvel universe.

Mjolnir (The Mighty Thor)

Whosoever holds this hammer, if they be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor! Well, that’s just what happened in the groundbreaking 2014 comic series that handed the hammer over to Jane for a time while Odinson was unworthy. Mjolnir transformed her into a goddess and became her most steadfast ally in the fight against the likes of Malekith, Odin, the Shi’ar gods, and the terrible Mangog. It could summon thunder and smash the skulls of the deadliest Frost Giants in the Ten Realms.

As its latest wielder, Jane even unlocked even more of Mjolnir’s mystical potential simply by virtue of her good heart. Her bond with the hammer allowed her to redirect it in midair to tackle numerous targets. She could even send it to independently fight, though too much distance from the weapon’s enchantments would transform her back into her weakened mortal state.

Most uniquely and impressively, Mjolnir manifested the power of illusion to her — by taking on the form of mortal Jane Foster herself to throw off the trail of angry S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who were moments away from discovering her real identity. Doctor-Hammer Jane was also able to perform a life-saving surgery on the real Jane, who had a golden bullet from Oubliette Midas lodged in her arm, slowly poisoning her.

Medical Training (Journey into Mystery)

First, do no harm — while her medical training isn’t exactly a weapon, it keeps her mind sharp enough to protect others, much like she does with Mjolnir and her other tools of the trade. Jane Foster came from humble beginnings as a nurse assisting Dr. Donald Blake, but eventually went on to have her own full practice as a doctor. She has even worked as a morgue assistant, and her knowledge has had practical application in life-or-death situations of the supernatural variety as well.

As the Mighty Thor, she assisted Doctor Strange in performing numerous simultaneous brain surgeries to remove tumors created by Misery, a foe of the Sorcerer Supreme. In Jane Foster: Valkyrie #7, she even teamed with other licensed medics in the Marvel universe to save Death herself (the entity, often the object of Thanos’ desire). Their combined medical knowledge and surgical skills allowed them to prevent Death from dying — although it was discovered that entities like the X-Men and the Immortal Hulk were a serious threat to her existence.

The Aether/Reality Stone (Thor: The Dark World)

While she lacked full control over the might of the Aether (which was revealed later to be the Reality Stone), Jane Foster still managed to do some damage with it while it infected her mortal form. The powerful, liquified Infinity Stone reacted defensively when Jane was threatened in Thor: The Dark World, emitting a blast of powerful energy to push back attackers. Unfortunately, without full understanding and ability to access the stone’s true powers, this weapon was better utilized by Malekith the Accursed and later Thanos.

Undrjarn (Jane Foster: Valkyrie)

Undrjarn is also known as the “All-Weapon,” which is a pretty succinct summary of this powerful Asgardian tool. Quite simply, it is an amorphous gold item that can transform into any number of known weapons, tools, or materials the wielder may need. It was formed from the remains of the Mjolnir of a dead reality.

Bonded to Jane Foster, the All-Weapon is quite often seen as the Valkyrie’s golden wings or a mace weapon. It can, however, become even more than just your standard array of swords, axes, and armaments. When Jane needed to fend off the Røkkva, a primordial anti-life entity from the dawn of the cosmos, Undrjarn took the form of a legendary white wood spear that could repel the darkness.

Fans likely haven’t seen the limits of the All-Weapon just yet, but Jane’s Valkyrie career will bring plenty of new challenges that require creative problem-solving.

Ultimate Mjolnir (War of the Realms)

Before Undrjarn, there was Mjolnir. More specifically, the Mjolnir of Earth-1610, also known as the Ultimates Universe (where Miles Morales hails from!). This hammer was distinctive for its dual hammer and axe heads, as well as a longer handle (much like the MCU’s Stormbreaker, which is the name of Beta Ray Bill’s hammer in the comics).

It was discovered in the old ruins of Asgard post-Secret Wars, where an incursion between multiple Earths in the Marvel Multiverse created an amalgam planet called Battleworld. From there, this remnant hammer was discovered by a grieving, raging Volstagg the Voluminous. Its magic transformed him into the thundering War Thor.

After Volstagg was subdued and freed of this Mjolnir’s corrupting might, the hammer was all but abandoned. During the War of the Realms, however, there was need of more Thors. Jane Foster had sworn off her heroic pursuits in order to dedicate herself to chemotherapy treatments, but with her cancer in remission, she agreed to lift the hammer to aid in the final fight against Malekith at Stonehenge. Ultimate Mjolnir had just enough magic left in it to see the battle through, but its enchantment shattered and reformed into the golden All-Weapon that Jane Foster now wields.

Her Van (Thor)

In the first cinematic outing of the character, Jane Foster drives an enhanced Pinzgauer equipped with her astrophysics equipment. While her mind is the primary source of strategy for this diminutive doctor, her curiosity often leaves her driving head-first into danger. And occasionally, she’s backing a military van right into the God of Thunder!

Played for several comedic scenes in the first Thor film, this vehicle might as well be considered a hazard to society given the way Jane Foster drives it and knocks the banished Thor Odinson out not just once, but twice. Unfortunately, that driver’s license probably doesn’t double as a license to kill.

Mr. Horse (The Mighty Valkyries)

While he would probably resent being considered a “weapon,” Mr. Horse is a steadfast ally to Jane Foster in her role as Valkyrie. He’s good Vanir stock, not one of them posh ponies from Asgard — which means he’s not afraid to get his hooves involved in a fight!

Mr. Horse is a good source of comedic relief and also allows for fast travel, whether he’s carrying Jane or one of the souls she’s bound to protect. He can talk, he can fly, and he loves carrots. No better friend for a winged warrior than that!

Of course, at the end of the day, Jane Foster’s truest weapon is her kind heart and conviction to save those in need. Whether she’s holding a hammer or a scalpel, this doctor has proved herself mighty time and time again.

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