Most impressive Iron Man cosplayers of all time

Deep down there’s no denying it: who doesn’t wish they were Iron Man? Well, it turns out that a bottomless bank account, genius IQ, and the magic of Hollywood aren’t required to realize that dream. At least, not for these ambitious cosplayers. In honor of Marvel‘s Stark Week, here are five of the most impressive Iron Man cosplays of all time:

5. Iron Patriot

While Rhodey’s not-so-subtle patriotic suit may have been been ridiculed back at Stark Industries, we gotta say we’re in love. Youtuber Tony Prime hits the nail on the head with an impressive fully motorized cannon, gauntlet and brilliant lighting effects. Even though this costume is a few years old, you can’t help but be a little mesmerized.

4. Hulkbuster Suit

They just keep getting bigger and better. If any homebrew Hulkbuster suit looks like it could actually go toe-to-toe with the Hulk, it’s this one. James Bruton’s series of informative videos give us a glimpse of his enormous suit in the works. From the worn breastplate to the solid working frame, James has thought of every detail and shows us a little magic in the making. We’ll be looking for his name in future film credits for sure.

3. Stealth Suit

We know the point is to blend in, but there’s no way to do that if Stealth Iron Man shows up on the scene. With the cool blue paint job and glowing eyes, Andrew of “Andrew Makes Things” channel on Youtube details all the steps he took to make this awesome suit on his blog. From the initial paper base to the final wiring of the motorized faceplate in his helmet, this one is a definite stand-out!

2. Mark 39 by “Master” Anthony Le

From head to toe “Master” Anthony Le always shows up with guns blazing, ready to show off his cosplay expertise. Though he seems to have an entire Hall of Armor in the works, one of our favorites so far has to be his dramatic Mark 39, complete with electronic helmet. We bow down, Master Le.

1. Baby Iron Man

And for our number one favorite. Break out the tissues everyone, because Eric Hart’s son will get you right in the arc reactor, looking like a true hero in his home-made foam mask. Wanting to protect his boy and make him feel brave on Halloween after having spent his entire young life in the hospital, Dad came to the rescue with this ingenious idea.

Did we miss one of your favorites? Want to show off your own suit? Let us know in the comments below, or send an email to [email protected]

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