Our nerd senses are tingling! Hot Toys Amazing Spider-Man 2 Figure Review

“Never has Spider-Man looked so good on-screen and I can say the same about this figure. It made our Spider-sense – aka nerd-sense – tingle in all the right places.”

Review by Luke Gallagher NerdBastards.com

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Spider-Man Sixth Scale Figure comes in a shoe box-styled package – I mean literally, at first glance you’d think you just bought an expensive pair of Spider-Man themed Nike kicks (feels like it too – weighing in at approx. 4 lbs, it’s surprisingly hefty). The box art is simple yet striking. It features Spidey in classic hero pose with front-text that reads “I made a choice – this is my path” and the movie title/logo beneath. I like how the art puts focus on the character/figure instead of the movie.

Sliding off the top of the box, you’ll see Spidey and his main accessories laid out in the first of two plastic trays, with the second tray beneath housing the figure’s extra hands and base.

The figure is accessorized with a blue beanie, blue and white striped scarf, orange and green vest and backpack (all of which are highly detailed – mini versions of real apparel), 6 pairs of interchangeable hands, megaphone, plutonium canister (which is an exclusive offering to Sideshow), 4 pieces of webbing (2 for cobweb shooting and 2 for imitating swinging) and a diamond-shaped figure stand with Spider-Man nameplate and flexible pillar.

The figure itself is absolutely perfect. The body has 30 points of articulation and is approximately 30 cm tall. With an authentic and detailed likeness, it’s about as screen-accurate as possible at 1/6th scale. You can easily make out small details such as the hexagon scales covering the suit and the material feels like I imagine the real thing does – stretchy but durable.

All together, this piece is simply (Spidey pun in 3… 2… 1) amazing. And boy, does it photograph well. Have a look at the image gallery below:

Can’t swing your wallet to the $229.99 price tag? That’s OK, you can pay it off. Sideshow provides a monthly payment plan to help make these big ticket items affordable. Once you have a Hot Toys figure, no other action figure or collectible is quite the same.

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