DC’s New Black Adam Trailer Rages Against the Society

The eagerly anticipated second Black Adam trailer has been released. New character reveals, closer looks at Black Adam’s surrounding squad of allies and enemies, plus a villain that could establish connection between this film and Shazam — there’s plenty to unpack in this action-filled trailer from Warner Bros. and DC.

Black Adam will debut on October 21, 2022. Check out the official second trailer below and then keep reading for a breakdown of everything shown in the newest Black Adam trailer, as well as predictions on what it could all mean!

Black Adam: All Rage, All Revenge

Black Adam raises a lot of questions within the DCEU. Does great power require one to be a hero? His past is full of sacrifice and turmoil, leading him to declare his power is a curse borne of rage, not a gift. And being locked away for 5,000 years can really make a person angry.

The Justice Society of America

One of the biggest reveals of the second official trailer for Black Adam is Amanda Waller. She appears on a screen to speak with Carter Hall about the increasingly dangerous presence of Black Adam. They strategize on how to get this new super-powered figure under control. She asks Carter who’s on the team, which hints that Waller could have a hand in the formation of this version of the Justice Society of America. Waller has a long history of dealing with super-powered individuals who pose a threat to society (you know, the whole Suicide Squad thing), so her inclusion makes a lot of sense.

The JSA lineup will include Carter Hall (Hawkman), Kent Nelson (Doctor Fate), Al Rothstein (Atom Smasher), and Maxine Hunkell (Cyclone). Though Dr. Nelson seems to have plenty of wisdom to impart upon Adam, it looks like Hall is acting as leader of the team. Of course, this creates palpable tension between Hawkman and Black Adam.

At some point, their ability to work together definitely breaks down because the trailer shows a confrontation between the two powerhouses. On a decimated street, Hawkman’s patience seems to have finally reached his limit as he comes crashing down on Adam with all his might — Adam, however, fends off this attack with ease and throws Hawkman off with a blast of lightning energy. We also get an exciting glimpse at Doctor Fate’s signature move when he summons an ankh to hurl at his opponent, a manifestation of the magical energy he’s granted by Nabu.

Who is the villain in Black Adam?

Though not confirmed by dialogue, the villain who (at least temporarily) unites Black Adam and the JSA is Sabbac. We first see him rise from a pool of blood, all rippling red muscles and gigantic demonic horns. A quick flash of a fight between Hawkman and Sabbac shows a burning pentagram etched into the villain’s chest.

Similar to Shazam, Sabbac recites his own name to access hellish power. This villain also has further ties to the Marvel Family — one of the possible aliases of Sabbac is Freddy Freeman’s foster brother Timothy Karnes.

Is Black Adam a Villain or Antihero?

In the words of Black Adam himself, “I never said I was a hero.” Everyone in the trailer seems to have a lot of opinions on Adam, and they all want to make sure he does what they want. But that’s never been Black Adam’s way of operating. He does what he wants.

Doctor Fate says something noteworthy to Adam about his destiny in the modern world: “You believe you’re not worthy but fate does not make mistakes.” With his immense power, there’s no question that Black Adam is meant to have an impact on the world.

But does he mean Fate, as in himself? The first trailer hinted at Doctor Fate having a more dubious hand in Black Adam’s introduction to the modern world. If Amanda Waller is busy wrangling the Justice Society of America, could Doctor Fate be responsible for encouraging Black Adam’s darker compulsions?

Black Adam’s Two Possible Paths


When Hawkman confronts Adam and demands him to stand down, Adam replies, “I’m not peaceful. Nor do I surrender.” Though he might join forces with the JSA, it doesn’t seem likely Adam is interested in being part of a team — especially if he’s not in charge. After all, Adam declares, “I kneel before no one.”

Doctor Fate says that Adam has two options: destroy the world or save it. But one of Adam’s most important allies, Adrianna Tomaz (who later becomes Adam’s equal as Isis) points out to Adam, “You didn’t come here to seek justice, you came to exact revenge.”

It could be that Black Adam will reject whatever preexisting roles there are for heroes and villains. He’ll simply act in his best interest. That could mean bringing down a force of greater evil like Sabbac but it could also mean opposing do-gooders like the JSA and, someday down the line, Black Adam’s most bitter rivals: Shazam and Superman.

Black Adam will premiere October 21, 2022. Until then, his influence on DC’s film and the future of their cinematic universe remains to be seen.

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