BUA’s Elements of Hip Hop Mixes Fine Art with Street Art!

“Through their artistry, the Elements of Hip Hop symbolize and evoke unity, brotherhood, and positivity.” – BUA

Mic drop! Renowned artist BUA, in collaboration with Sideshow Collectibles, presents the Elements of Hip Hop Statue Collection.


BUA’s work combines his love of fine art and painting with his lifelong passion for the music, dance, art, and creativity of the city streets.

As a child of the 1970s, born in New York’s untamed Upper West Side, and raised between Manhattan and East Flatbush, Brooklyn, BUA’s art is synonymous with the Hip Hop culture that surrounded him. BUA’s dynamic and evocative paintings have transcended the perceived boundaries between style and genre, mixing fine art with street art. His award-winning artwork is equally at home in the halls of fine art galleries or as a poster hung on a bedroom wall — studied in an academic setting, or on the sleeve of a vinyl record.

His powerful, energetic, and evocative painting style evolved in parallel to the vibrant culture that inspired it. BUA’s love and appreciation for Hip Hop, and his experiences as a graffiti artist and break dancer, not only informed his art but became part of it.

Now in 2022, BUA has unveiled a new series of deluxe limited edition statues, developed through a collaborative partnership with Sideshow. Each of these deluxe statues is carefully stored in its own custom-designed museum-style packaging, with a degree of consideration, protection, and presentation worthy of a piece of fine art.

Four Count


“The four Elements of Hip Hop — The ArtistThe MCThe DJ, and The B-Boy — are physical representations of the heroes of Hip Hop.

These archetypes embody the pride that I have for this music, this art, and this community. And now, for the first time ever, the icons that I painted are being re-born in three dimensions.

I was the first artist to paint this type of art celebrating the narratives of the DJs, the MCs, the breakdancers, and the graffiti artists, and the same holds true for these statues. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this level of quality. They are a manifestation of Hip Hop culture as high art.” – BUA

BUA’s art has been exhibited at galleries all over the globe, with recent shows at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and at Pop International Galleries in New York. His work has also been featured on apparel, sneakers, album covers, video games, animation, television, and more. BUA fans and collectors include presidents, actors, musicians, athletes and dancers, street kids, and fine art connoisseurs.

Bringing Archetypes to Life

“Archetypes allow us to project ourselves onto mythological giants. We look at these characters and we see ourselves. I believe this is an important next step in the celebration of Hip Hop as a positive force.

Hip Hop is a culture. It’s a community. It is beauty, it is spirituality, it belongs. One people, one love, one art.” – BUA

Sideshow’s creative team worked closely with BUA to manifest his dynamic paintings as sculptural art. Together, they combined unique forced perspective sculpts with meticulously applied paint applications and textures to capture the aesthetics and the energy of BUA’s work.

The Artist

The Artist stands with his feet planted firmly between the tracks as he brandishes the tools of his unique trade — from bolt cutters to canisters of spray paint. Stained and splattered with an array of colors, The Artist’s clothes tell the story of his fearless pursuit of self-expression. The entire cityscape is a canvas for his creativity.
This fully sculpted and hand-painted fine art collectible measures 10” tall and 7.5” wide, and is available to order now (priced $400), via Sideshow.

The MC

As the Master of Ceremonies, The MC stands front and center in tribute to all of the wordsmiths of the world, captivating the crowds with lyrical creativity, adaptability, and unwavering energy.
This fully sculpted and hand-painted fine art collectible measures 11.5” tall and 7.5” wide, and is available to order now (priced $400), via Sideshow.

The DJ

The tireless titan of the turntables, The DJ spins the vinyl and masterfully manipulates the mixing board to create his own signature beat. He stands as an homage to the pioneers and the innovators who made true musical masterpieces through experimentation, innovation, dedication, and collaboration.
This fully sculpted and hand-painted fine art collectible measures 10” tall and 10” wide, and is available to order now (priced $400), via Sideshow.

The B-Boy

The battling B-Boy breaks it down on the cardboard floor, spinning windmills as he thrills the crowd with his physical craft. The B-Boy Statue includes a separate boombox display piece that can be placed alongside the dancer to create your own display honoring the action, passion, and boundless energy of Hip Hop’s pop-lockin’ pioneers!
This fully sculpted and hand-painted fine art collectible measures 10” tall and 13” wide, and is available to order now (priced $400), via Sideshow.

Hip Hop in Three Dimensions

“The DJ has been a part of my life for a long time, but I never knew what he looked like from the back. I never saw his shoes! These paintings have existed for years, but as this exploration into another dimension began, I realized I had this opportunity for deeper studies into these characters who’d I’d lived with for decades. This project was a literal re-discovery of my art.

The classically trained sculptor Joe Menna actualized these characters as three-dimensional fine art. Former graff artist and seasoned collectibles painter Bernardo Esquivel brilliantly translated my painting style into these miniature masterpieces. For me, this is like Auguste Rodin. It is important. It is necessary for the elevation of a culture that deserves this level of praise and appreciation.

It has taken years, but I believe we’ve hit the mark. I believe people will feel this project on a spiritual level, just as I do.” – BUA

All four of these limited edition fine art statues are available now. Join the Hip Hop celebration and get the party started!

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