New Photos of Gethsemoni have arrived from the Underworld

Check out some new photos that have arrived from the underworld! Sideshow presents the Gethsemoni: Shaper of Flesh Premium Format™ Figure, one of the latest additions to our original Court of the Dead collection.

The Queen of the Dead stands at a stately 21” from the bottom of her colorfully macabre base of Flesh Faction magic to the tip of her imposing crown. From the tiny golden Flesh Faction symbol that hangs delicately from a chain between her breasts to the smoky eyelids of her intoxicating sneer, no detail of this figure has been left unadorned.

Want a glimpse of the nasty knife that Gethsemoni’s got sheathed firmly against her thigh? The Exclusive Edition of Gethsemoni: Shaper of Flesh features the unveiled fiendish dagger.