New Photos of the Corellian Bounty Hunter Dengar are here!

Check out the new photos of the Star Wars collectible Dengar Sixth Scale Figure! First seen Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, Dengar is considered to be Corellia’s cold-blooded bounty hunter and a veteran of the many bounties he relentlessly pursued since before the Clone Wars. With the ruthless Galactic Empire as his employer, Dengar is now on the hunt for Han Solo and his companions.

Every inch of this iconic character has been lovingly and painstakingly reproduced by our artists. From the worn fabric that encompasses his grizzled visage to his much-used (and much feared!) Valken-38 Blaster Carbine and DL-21 Blaster Pistol, our Dengar Sixth Scale Figure captures every nuance of this remorseless mercenary’s character.

Fully articulated, our Sixth Scale Dengar figure features a highly detailed movie-accurate head portrait with a fabric face cover and sculpted head wrap.  His outfit includes a padded fabric under-suit, flight suit, belt, and pouches (including a leather-like holster), sculpted boots, and a highly detailed backpack which contains both sculpted and fabric components. Order the Dengar Sixth Scale Figure for your Star Wars collection now, before he sells out!

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