New Photos of the Iron Giant Maquette have arrived!

Check out the new production photos of the Iron Giant Maquette! Set in the era of the late 1950s, an object from space crashes down to earth in a forest outside Rockwell, Maine. An unlikely nine year old named Hogarth Hughes goes off to investigate only to find a giant iron robot eating away at an electrical substation. After saving the Iron Giant from electrocution, Hogarth befriends the robot discovering him to be both curious and docile!

Standing an impressive 25.5” tall and forged out of distilled memories and nostalgia, the Iron Giant Maquette features a head with slight articulation and light up eyes. The Sideshow Exclusive version also features a magnetic “S” that can be affixed to his chest.

Order the Iron Giant now, before he blasts away forever!

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