New Photos – Supergirl Premium Format Figure

Check out these new photos! Superman’s long-lost cousin Kara Zor-El is the newest member of our DC Comics superhero collection. Sideshow’s awesome new Supergirl Premium Format™ Figure captures all of the charm and personality that make her so iconic. Kara is imbued with all of the same epic abilities as her cousin Kal-El, but it is her innocence and unshakable optimism as she struggles to learn about this new world (and her newfound powers!) that makes her such a timelessly appealing character.

This amazing and eye-catching 24” tall Premium Format™ Figure depicts Supergirl in a suitably gravity defying pose, appearing to levitate above the textured rock of her display stand, while her tailored cape billows out behind her. Every inch of this museum-quality figure has been crafted with astonishing detail, bringing this beautiful superhero to life! Kara’s radiant smile is simply dazzling, and she’s guaranteed to light up any room – and your collection!

The Sideshow Exclusive edition of this Premium Format™ Figure includes Supergirl’s faithful companion – Streaky the Supercat! This super-powered feline (with his trademark lightning bolt markings) gazes lovingly at Kara as he flies alongside her, ready to join her in any new adventure!

Sideshow Exclusive

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