NEW PODCAST: School of the Dead

Unsure of what Court of the Dead is? Wondering where to start your journey in the Underworld? Sometimes, when diving into a new fandom, it’s hard to know where to begin. But look no further!

Sideshow and Court of the Dead present a brand new podcast called School of the Dead. This podcast will be your guide to the world, the conflict, its epic characters, and more.

The Court of the Dead is a is a massive multi-platform horror fantasy story, told through statues, comics, games, books, and more. The world is so full of detail that it practically feels alive- well, of course, apart from all of the dead heroes fighting a war to save mortal souls. Sound intriguing?

The School of the Dead podcast is a series exploring and explaining the rich lore behind The Court of the Dead, created by Tom Gilliland and Sideshow. The host, Andrew Ceco, breaks it all down in easily digestible language and dives into the topics that interest you the most! The podcast is released once weekly on Fridays, and you can listen along on all your favorite podcast platforms.

Listen to the opening episodes below to learn all about the Underworld, the Alltaker, Queen Gethsemoni, and the war between Heaven and Hell! Then, stay tuned for even more School of the Dead content coming soon.

(Click here to read the free Court of the Dead webcomics that were mentioned in the episodes.)

Let us know what you want to learn about in the comments below, and ask any questions about Court of the Dead that you have. We are honored be your guide for this exciting story and ever-growing world.

Now go, mortals, to RISE. CONQUER. And RULE!