New Production Photos – Exalted Reaper General Demithyle Legendary Scale Figure

Check out the new production photos of the Demithyle Exalted Reaper General Legendary Scale™ Figure from our Court of the Dead Collection!

Adorned with intricately embellished armor worthy of his well-earned rank, Demithyle leads Death‘s forces in defense of the Underworld. The ancient, storied warrior wields his magnificent scythe with a heavy sense of duty and compassion as he carries out the Dark Deed.

Demithyle stands 30” tall over a base that celebrates his allegiance with the Faction of Bone. As Death’s most loyal and distinguished general, Demithyle is posed mid-command in this impressive display. Demithyle’s unnerving gaze will be the bone-chilling pinnacle of your Court of the Dead collection.

These images show an advanced production piece that differs slightly from our earlier prototypes.  Thanks to modifications in materials and changes to the manufacturing process, Demithyle is now closer than ever to our original vision. The Reaper General‘s armor and adornments are now more detailed than ever, with even greater weathering and texture adding more depth and realism to this already impressive piece. His scythe has also been modified to reflect the original concept art, with a willow-thin straight handled staff to contrast with the deeply curved blade.

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