New Productions Photos Shard: Mortal Trespasser Premium Format Figure

Sideshow is proud to share new final production images of our simply stunning new Premium Format™ Figure, Shard: Mortal Trespasser!

Whispers can be heard within the Court of the Dead…rumors of a mortal soul, living and breathing within the Underworld. Shard is coming, and what she means for the Court of the Dead, the Alltaker‘s ambitions, and the fate of mankind as we know it, is yet uncertain…

The cold winds of the Underworld blow through Shard’s hair and ruffle the folds of her bloodstained cape. Only the subtle glow of the etherea creeping through the cracks in the jagged steps on which she treads illuminates her way.

Outfitted in mystical armor crafted by the osteomancers and artisans of Illverness, and wielding two enchanted swords – one imbued with the essence of one of the heavenly host, the other containing the spirit of one of hell’s greater demons – she shows no fear, and walks confidently into the unknown.

Mixing meticulously-crafted sculptural components and flawless painting with beautiful hand-tailored fabric, this Premium Format™ Figure is simply a wonder to behold. Every inch of this otherworldly wanderer has been sculpted and painted with the utmost attention to detail. From the cold beauty of her pale, subtly scarred face to each individually-weathered piece of her bone-filament-wrapped armor,  every part of this enchanting sculpture gives us little clues about the history (and possibly even the future) of this compelling character!

Already incredibly popular among our “mourners”, Shard is a bold new personality in a Court already full of exciting and contrasting characters. Find out more about this former Templar Knight below…

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