Sideshow New York Con 2021: Event Wrap-Up and Booth Highlights

Sideshow celebrated New York Comic Con throughout the first week of October, broadcasting LIVE from a custom-built exhibition and showcasing some of the latest collectibles from Hot Toys, Premium Collectibles Studio (PCS), Tweeterhead, Quantum Mechanix, and more!

Sideshow’s virtual event featured over a hundred statues and figures inspired by the worlds of Marvel, DC, Critical Role, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Street Fighter, Masters of the Universe, Power Rangers, and Star Wars™ to name a few — and while Sideshow’s celebration continues on our social media channels throughout the weekend (with online game shows, interviews, reward points, special offers, and contests), Thursday, October 7 marked the end of our virtual exhibition set up.

Here are just some of the highlights…

Booth Highlights

Hot Toys

Hot Toys showcased a huge selection of Sixth Scale Figures over the four-day exhibition, with characters from video games, from the big screen, and from the small screen alike. Fans enjoyed epic displays and dioramas from the worlds of Star Wars™, DC, and Marvel. Here are just a handful of the figures on display.

King Shark was a firm fan favorite with collectors. Who thought a maritime criminal / man-eating shark god could be so … cute? Hot Toys’ Sixth Scale Figure captures Nanaue at his most lovable.

Hot Toys’ massive The Mandalorian™ display included Din Djarin™ himself, The Mandalorian & Grogu™ (Deluxe Version), as well as Boba Fett™ and Throne, Fennec Shand™, Ahsoka Tano™, Kuiil™ & Blurrg™, Dark Trooper™, Cobb Vanth™, and an epic diorama depicting the Nevarro™ Safe House scene. Their display also included The Nite Owls: Bo-Katan Kryze™, Axe Woves™, and Koska Reeves™.

The ever-expanding and infinitely entertaining realms of Marvel’s What If…? continue to grow in exciting and unexpected ways.

These poseable Sixth Scale Figures combine the intricate details and meticulously tailored costumes for which Hot Toys are renowned, plus the ultra-stylized animated aesthetic of What If…?, to great effect.

Zombie Captain America, Zombie Hunter Spidey, The Hydra Stomper & Steve Rogers, and Captain Carter were all on display for the first time in the USA.


On display at Sideshow NY Con were He-Man and Battlecat alongside the Mer-Man and Trap Jaw Legends Maquettes.

Tweeterhead gave fans a sneak peek at some exciting new Masters of the Universe inspired statues, including several stunning as-yet unpainted prototypes!


Sideshow also displayed four beautiful statues from their popular Critical Role Collection.

Beau and Fjord from Critical Role Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein were joined on display by the newly revealed Vex and Vax from the popular Vox Machina campaign.



Go Go Power Rangers! ThreeZero delivered an epic blast of nostalgia with the Core Rangers + Green Ranger Collectible Set. The display showcased all six of the fully poseable Sixth Scale Figures inspired by the original series. Each figure features a hand-tailored costume as well as a selection of accessories and classic Ranger weapons — including the Power Sword, Power Bow, Power Axe, Power Daggers, and the Power Lance, all combining to form the mighty Power Blaster!

If you want to view more of Sideshow’s very own Sideshow NY Con show floor, look no further than our VR tours. Access them through our blog, with Sideshow New York Con 2021 3D Interactive Booth Tours — Booth 1 and Booth 2.

Event Highlights

Sideshow’s Strike A Pose show returned with a special episode. Guests Stephen Kramer Glickman (podcaster, actor), Alicia Marie (cosplayer, fitness model), and Joshua Duart (cosplayer) competed in this insane Sixth Scale Figure posing competition.

Additionally, the episode broadcast was immediately followed by a live post-posing talk show with the contestants and host Terry Smith. For the first time ever, viewers could take a peek behind the scenes at Strike A Pose as guests geeked out about their own fandoms and more. If you missed the stream, check it out below or on our official YouTube channel.


There were tons of giveaways across Sideshow’s social platforms and in the Let Your Geek Sideshow Facebook Group. Check out the list of prizes and winners on our Sideshow NY Con Giveaway Blog.


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