Pedro Pascal’s Forgotten Television Appearances

If there’s one person we can’t get enough of recently, it’s Pedro Pascal. From his leading role in the video game adaption for The Last of Us to Disney’s streaming hit Star Wars: The Mandalorian, this widely adored actor has been gracing our screens quite a lot lately. Clearly we can’t get enough of him! Still, we bet there are some TV shows you might have forgotten Pedro Pascal was on.

Not to worry. Whether you want to marathon all of his one-off appearances in one go or savor his guest spot in a thrilling series, we’ve got just the list for you. Below, browse some of Pedro Pascal’s forgotten television appearances.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he’s just a baby! This smooth-faced, softly lit cannon fodder appears during Buffy Summers’ time at university. A freshman at University of California, Sunnydale, Edward  — although he aspires to be known as Eddie — gets lost on his first day. Buffy helps him relocate his dorm, and the two strike up a budding friendship.

Unfortunately, college is hard. And college near a supernatural Hellmouth is even harder. The vampire named Sunday captures and sires Eddie. Buffy goes out looking for her missing friend, only to find him bloodthirsty and aggressive. So Buffy does what she does best. Thus, you could say Pedro Pascal both slays and is slayed in this early television role.

Game of Thrones

We know what you’re thinking. We can hear the outcries already. “Who could forget Pedro Pascal with that charming attitude and sunshine smile?” Well, you’d be surprised. After all, a lot happened over the many, many seasons of Game of Thrones. Plenty of characters and plots were lost along the way. Like Oberyn Martell, for instance.

Also known as the Red Viper of Dorne, Oberyn travels to Westeros seeking vengeance against the Lannisters’ warrior Gregor Clegane for murdering his sister, Elia Martell. While in King’s Landing, he gains a seat on the Small Council. He also frequents brothels. Most notably, Oberyn serves as a judge in Tyrion Lannister’s trial — yes, the one where he’s accused of poisoning his nephew Joffrey Lannister.

Gone Too Soon

Tyrion demands trial by combat since he feels the proceedings are unfair. Oberyn volunteers as his champion because he knows Gregor Clegane will serve as the Lannisters’ champion, thus giving Oberyn an easy way to kill Clegane. The fight between the Red Viper and The Mountain is extremely tense, offering twists at every turn.

Sadly, Oberyn succumbs to his ego at a crucial moment. Having severely wounded Clegane, Oberyn takes the time to taunt the knight as well as accuse Tywin Lannister of orchestrating Elia’s brutal death. Soon after, in one of the most gruesome Game of Thrones kills of all time, Oberyn’s eyeballs are smashed into his skull.

Wonder Woman

Yep, you’re seeing that title correctly. Pedro Pascal was involved in a Wonder Woman project long before Wonder Woman 1984. The unaired Wonder Woman (2011) television pilot features Pedro Pascal as

Law & Order

There’s a lot of Law & Order out there. Probably every TV actor you’ve ever seen has had a guest spot. Pedro Pascal, as it turns out, played four different characters across Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Pedro Pascal appears in the CI episodes “The Glory That Was” and “Weeping Willow” as Kevin “Kip” Green and Reggie Luckman, respectively. You can also find Pedro in the Law & Order episode “Tango” as Tito Cabassa, as well as SVU‘s “Smoked” as Special Agent Greer.

Charlie’s Angels

Every actor has to start somewhere. Pedro clearly has quite a few smaller television roles on his résumé, as you’d expect of someone that’s now this famous. The Charlie’s Angels episode “Angels in Paradise” features Pedro as Frederick Mercer, a dangerous crime boss who spends an awful lot of time on his yacht.

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