Poison Ivy Statue- Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau Artist Series

Sideshow is excited to announce the next fabulous addition to the DC Comics high fashion and pop culture-inspired series by the amazing Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.  In collaboration with Sideshow, Artgerm has turned his talents into a fun and fashionable 1:5 scale Artist Series featuring Gotham City’s most dangerous dames.

First came Catwoman, and then Harley Quinn. Now, it’s time for Poison Ivy to get her turn in the spotlight with a stylish Artgerm re-imagining of this powerful botanist-turned-baddie with some serious floral flair.

After being exposed to deadly chemicals in her Gotham botany lab, Dr. Pamela Isley develops a natural immunity to all toxins, as well as the ability to control plant life. She adopts the name Poison Ivy, and sets out in an attempt to help the environment- at any cost.

Artgerm’s inspired twist on Poison Ivy blends her natural beauty with fun and fashion, making her a stunning addition to this Artist Series.

Standing at about 17 inches tall, Poison Ivy is dressed to the nines in vines with a new elegance as a part of this Artist Series. While it might not be easy being green, Artgerm makes it look effortless with a beautiful foliage-inspired top painted in complementary shades of green.

Keeping Ivy’s iconic leaf motif, sleek green gloves cover her hands while a natural necklace makes the perfect accessory to her dress. Matching thigh-high boots plant her firmly on the base as she strikes a graceful pose.

Ivy’s striking red hairdo makes this statue look like a vibrant rose wrapped up in leaves- but be careful, this rose has thorns! With a coy smile, the poisonous powerhouse dares you to lean in for a closer look. Her bodice is complete with varying textures and movement that mimic both a designer dress and a garden flower.

Fans of high fashion and anyone who loves DC Comics will definitely want to add this limited edition piece to any blooming collection at home.

We here at Sideshow are huge fans of Stanley’s work, and we have had the pleasure of collaborating with him on numerous previous projects, including his own original character the Pepper Premium Format Figure, and the other characters in the DC Artgerm Artist Series, Catwoman and Harley Quinn!

Learn more about Stanley “Artgerm” Lau and his work here!

Artist Credits:

  • Stan Lau, Ian MacDonald (Design)
  • Joe Jung (Sculpt)
  • Karl Deen Sander (Mold & Cast)
  • Chie Izumi, Kat Sapene (Paint)
  • The Sideshow Design and Development Team

Pre-Order Information:

Poison Ivy will be priced at $350.00 and will be available to Pre-Order beginning on Thursday, May 18 between 12pm-3pm PT.