Poll- Which Nerdy New Release are You Most Excited For?

Friday, September 7th is the launch date for four of the latest and most anticipated pop culture releases as we head towards the end of 2018.  Everyone from moviegoers to gamers has something to celebrate this weekend!

On the marvelous Marvel side of things, Iron Fist Season 2 has dropped on Netflix- all 10 episodes are available for streaming right now!  Plus, Insomniac Games has debut the highly-anticipated Spider-Man video game exclusively for PS4, along with announcing upcoming DLC content featuring Black Cat and more.

For horror buffs, The Nun has crept onto the silver screen, ready to scare you with this latest addition to the Conjuring franchise.  If that’s not quite enough, fantasy gamers can get their hands on the Dungeons & Dragons: Waterdeep Dragon Heist adventure module today at their local games retailer.

If you didn’t have weekend plans already, these four releases are sure to give you plenty to look forward to.  For fans of the Spider-Man PS4 game, be sure to check out the exciting Hot Toys Spider-Man collectible figures, including the Advanced Suit Sixth Scale Figure and the rockin’ Spider-Punk Suit Sixth Scale Figure featured in the game.

Will you be watching or playing any of these new releases this weekend?  Let Your Geek Sideshow and tell us in the comments!