Pose of the Day Challenge 3: Lots of Guns- Winner Reveal!

From the desk of Posemaster General, Terry Smith:

Welcome back, Posers!

Today’s Pose of the Day Challenge drew all manner of efforts from across a broad spectrum of interpretations, and I LOVED IT!!! We had drama, we had action, we had mood. My thanks to all of you for raising the bar and keeping it fun, entertaining, and interesting.

Before we announce the winners, I’m going to take the liberty of reminding everyone reading these posts to be sure to include a slip of paper with the day’s hashtag information. I don’t think that anyone left it out this round, and that’s excellent. Just a reminder to anyone who’s just now joining us.

While I’m reminding people of things, remember that the Sideshow Poser Challenge is a posing competition. I’ll need to see the entire figure in order to make a proper judgement. A lot of you are taking great photos of your figures, but many of them are being cropped to only show a portion of the figure. In short, it’s not a photo competition (although I’m thinking we need to have one of those as well…).

Most importantly (and this is a big one), please only included licensed figures in your submissions. No matter how well you pose your figure, it will be disqualified if it is not licensed.

That’s about all the housekeeping for today. Time to move on to the winner of today’s challenge! But first, I have a couple of honorable mentions that really deserve to be… well… mentioned.

Honorable Mention:

P. Causey’s understated submission of the Hot Toys John Wick Sixth Scale Figure probably appears to some to have taken little effort. But there’s a refined subtlety to the way that he captured the posture of Keanu Reeves. Even putting aside the dramatic lighting (which is appropriately moody, and evokes memories of the films), this pose does an excellent job of capturing a moment between the action sequences. Great job, and I’m sure it looks fantastic on display.

Honorable Mention:

Speaking of Keanu, D. Edwar did one of my favorite things with his pose of the Hot Toys Neo Sixth Scale Figure, and used the figure’s awesome base as an accessories display. It’s a nice way of thinking outside the box. You can imagine Neo having just emptied those guns of all their ammo taking out a posse of Blue Pills. (The slight flare of the coat was a nice touch as well.)

Challenge 3: Lots of Guns Winner!

Today’s winner is… keanu_wardanaloo (ironically, the only one in the top three who didn’t use a Keanu Reeves figure). This pose definitely tells a story, with Cap being on the ropes, out of ammo, back to the wall and fighting to the last (as he does). Excellent pose all around, and you even used the torso to full effect. Job well done, and congrats on winning!

Thanks again to all who participated, and stay tuned. Another prompt for the Pose of the Day Challenge drops tomorrow, Tuesday, April 7!