Pose of the Day Challenge 4: Victory

From the desk of Posemaster General, Terry Smith:

Hello again to everyone out there in the Sideshow Posing Posse! If self-isolation has got you down and you’re in desperate need of a big win, then today’s challenge is custom-tailored to your needs.

Today’s prompt is…VICTORY!!!

I’m not really going to stipulate what this entails. Only you know what victory means to you. Only you can decide how best to illustrate that feeling. You might be able to pull that off with a single figure. You might need more than one. (I used two.) You’re the creator here, so you decide. Grab whichever licensed figure (or figures) you think best fits the story you want to tell, then make that story a reality.

But tell your story quickly. You have until midnight (11:59:59 PST) tonight to strike your best pose (or poses…enter as often as you like, with as many licensed figures as you like).

When you’re satisfied with your pose, snap a quick photo of it that shows the entire figure AND a slip of paper with the day’s hashtag information. (The whole figure has to be in the photo for me to properly judge the entire pose.) Then publish your photo (or photos) to your Instagram or Facebook account, and include the following hashtag information:


That about sums it up. Check the video on Instagram and on Sideshow’s Facebook page to get a look at the photo I took to illustrate today’s challenge. I can’t wait to see what you guys create with this one, so…

…let’s get started!


For more information about Sideshow’s Pose of the Day Challenge, check out our official rules.