Pose of the Day Challenge 5: Dual-Wielding- Winner Reveal!

From the desk of Posemaster General, Terry Smith:

Hey, there, fellow posing fiends! It’s time to announce the winners for the latest Pose of the Day Challenge: DUAL-WIELDING!

You guys, you guys, you GUYS! Wow! I’m exhausted! We more than doubled our highest number of daily submissions with this challenge, and SO MANY of them were really, really good. I’m riveted by the skill on display, and by the oftentimes laugh-out-loud originality and humor that are being exhibited. Many of the weapons of choice that were featured I never saw coming. Fireballs? Webs? GUITARS!? I mean, come on. Guitars? (I wish I’d have thought of that one first…)

But enough of my prattling. On to the Top 3!

Honorable Mention:

Anthony Sixth Scale Posers is really shining during this challenge, and of his three submissions this round, I felt that his running pose of the Hot Toys Star-Lord Sixth Scale Figure was the strongest, and definitely worthy of an Honorable Mention. Everything about it is technically on-point. Really digging your submissions, man! Keep them coming!

Honorable Mention:

Thepatman13’s submission of the Hot Toys Harley Quinn Sixth Scale Figure really did it for me. Patman took full advantage of that excellent portrait and its maniacal, sidelong eyeline, combining it with an awesome lateral pose, then throwing a couple of firearms that are atypical of the character (but which worked wonders with this challenge). Great job, Patman!!!

Challenge 5: Dual Wielding Winner!

Our winner for this challenge is Batmanson_2388, with his awesome pose using the Hot Toys Spider-Man Scarlet Spider Suit Sixth Scale Figure from Marvel’s Spider-Man! Batmanson sent in the challenge’s first video submission, which takes confidence, in that it shows off the pose from multiple angles.

His originality was at the forefront of this one, in that it frankly never would have occurred to me to consider Spidey’s web shooters in a dual-wielding scenario. Great thinking, great concept, great execution!

Congratulations, Batmanson! Enjoy your Sideshow Birthday Pin!

And I’ll see you all tomorrow, April 14th, for the drop of the next prompt of Sideshow’s Pose of the Day Challenge!