Production Gallery Update on the Lex Luthor: Power Suit Premium Format Figure

Nothing can stop me now.”

The Lex Luthor: Power Suit Premium Format™ Figure is shipping soon- as one of the most dangerous men in Metropolis, his power suit makes him even more, well, powerful!  Check out the production gallery updates on this formidable foe of Superman.

Lex Luthor stands 26″ tall atop the LexCorp building, posturing with pride as he looks out across all of Metropolis as the pinnacle of human achievement.  He is clad in the massive metallic Power Suit, which is decorated in green and purple panels.

The yellow light in his chest armor contains a button-activated LED function for an additional display option.  Light up the chest panel for a powered-up Power Suit look.

This heavy statue has a definite gravitas to it, as Superman’s sinister nemesis prepares to confront the Kryptonian with the aid of his intimidating technology.

The Exclusive Edition of the Lex Luthor: Power Suit Premium Format™ Figure includes a swap-out right hand holding a Kryptonite crystal as the powerful, power-mad Luthor waits for the Man of Steel to arrive.  The Exclusive is still available for order on our website, but is currently in low quantity.

Add the might of this brilliant billionaire industrialist to your DC collection with the Lex Luthor Premium Format™ Figure today.  Check out our range of Superman collectibles to create the ultimate showdown on your shelf!