Red Sonja is Headed to the Silver Screen!

That’s right!  The She-Devil with a Sword is making her way towards a new movie release!

Announced today by, Red Sonja has officially been planned to receive a new filmic adaptation produced by Millennium Media and Cinelou, which could hopefully lead to a future franchise of this fearless warrior woman.  Avi Lerner, one of the project’s producers, said the decision to adapt Red Sonja for screen was spurred on by the rising presence of female heroes in action and superhero media.

A comic book heroine from the 70’s, Red Sonja has long been one of the staples of the sword-and-sorcery genre.  Now, she will make a larger-than-life return to the silver screen, bringing battle and epic action with her!

The first Red Sonja film debuted in 1985, starring Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Since then, the character has received many popular comic book adaptations through Dynamite Entertainment’s continued publishing.  This new Red Sonja film will not remake the old one, but is planned bring fresh story ideas and characters.

There is no current release date planned for the Red Sonja project, but the project is being fast-tracked, and the next step will be hiring a writer.

We are so excited to hear about plans to bring Red Sonja to the big screen, and absolutely cannot wait to see what action-packed adventures await the She-Devil with a Sword!