Judgment Day Quiz: What Type of Terminator Are You?

Judgment Day changes everything. On August 29, Skynet will take control and before John Connor can save the day, the artificial intelligence intends to assess its army of robotic assassins — and you’re one of them!  Time to peel back the skin and find out what type of Terminator endoskeleton you’re hiding within!

Take this quiz if you want to live … or if you want to find out what type of Terminator you are.

Terminator: Judgment Day

Modern technology is all about convenience. Faster processing, smoother function, less thinking and more results. Every kitchen and car is outfitted with smart features, not to mention our phones which have become portable computers. Machines are here to make our lives easier. But what if the machines began to think for themselves?

SkyNet, the global computer system created by Cyberdyne Systems, became its own artificial intelligence and suddenly this hypothetical question was reality. The machines took stock of humans and decided the entire human race was a threat to their existence. Thus, Judgment Day. When Judgment Day arrived, SkyNet initiated a global nuclear holocaust to eliminate the human problem once and for all.

Terminators, the Original Killing Machines

With terrifying efficiency and zero regard for humans, SkyNet constructed a whole assembly line of mechanical assassins and war machines. The deadliest of these creations were Hunter-Killers, with a specific type called Terminators. These Terminators were responsible for ending lifeforms that endangered SkyNet supremacy. T-Units employed time travel technology to quell any human uprisings, especially those that could lead to the Resistance.

Of course, SkyNet’s advanced technical capabilities made these killing machines become experts at terminating human life when needed. But the most terrifying aspect of a Terminator was their ability to cloak themselves as a human. In this disguise, they could infiltrate human society and carry out their mission to uphold machine domination. Over the years, Terminator technology expanded, leading to various types of Terminators.

Types of Terminators

Originally, Terminators were simply SkyNet Infiltrators covered in a rubber skin. This early prototype was easy to spot. SkyNet could do better. From that initial line of products, the Terminators would become increasingly difficult to tell apart from the humans they hunted. With the ability to blend in and mimic human behavior, Terminators became an even more lethal threat.

Eventually, the rubber skin was replaced with living tissue to cover the metal endoskeleton hiding beneath. Some models even used a metallic endoskeleton, composed of a mimetic polyalloy, to essentially become shapeshifters. These metallic Terminators proved to be formidable enemies to the human Resistance.

Hybrid Terminators

Throughout the war against humanity, SkyNet continued to improve its chief export, the nearly indestructible Terminators. Perhaps the most horrific designs were those that pushed the boundary between human and machine to its absolute limit. The last known models of Terminators were in fact human-machine hybrids.

Some of these hybrid Terminator models combined human organs with Terminator endoskeletons. Near the end of the war, the T-3000 appeared. The T-3000 used machine-phase matter to overcome all organic fragility while still maintaining excellent mimicry abilities. Machine-phase matter was essentially nanotechnology that could rewrite human genetic code into mechanical resin.

Choose your side in the struggle against Skynet and add to your army of Terminator collectibles!

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