QUIZ: Who Is Your Slasher Soulmate?

Do you dream of someone tall, dark, and homicidal? Does love conquer all, even undeniable danger?

Spooky season is that time of year when we’re all looking for that special someone who can fill our screams with love. But finding them? Not so easy! That’s why we’ve thrown together this quiz.

Listen, it’s hard out here to find the one. And whether that’s the one with whom you’ll spend the rest of your life or just the last few minutes of it, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s the situation. You just matched with an intriguing profile on Murdr, the newest dating app. But they’re only a shadowy silhouette right now. The only way to reveal their identity is to answer their questions. Do you dare?

They’re Dying to Meet You

Romance isn’t dead, but you might soon be! And never fear. If you’re unsure about the lucky bachelor you’ve lined up, take our quiz again and see who else is lurking behind the hedges. We’ve got a whole slew of fellas who are ready to take you out.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a little preview of the other slashers who are absolutely eager to take a stab at love.


Hometown: Cabrini-Green, Chicago, Illinois
Likes: Giving back to the community, funding the arts
Dislikes: Gentrification
Dating Goals: “I’ve been burned in the past, so I’d like to keep this casual.”

Freddy Krueger

Hometown: Springwood, Ohio (you already know the street)
Likes: Long soaks in the tub, watching TV in bed
Dislikes: Early mornings
Dating Goals: “Dating can be a real nightmare but I know I can be someone’s dream guy.”

Michael Myers

Hometown: Haddonfield, Illinois
Likes: Sleepovers
Dislikes: Cardio
Dating Goals: “I’m always the one doing the chasing. It would be so nice to be pursued once in a while.”

Ghost Face®

Hometown: Woodsboro, California
Likes: Local history, movie trivia
Dislikes: Rulebreakers, FaceTiming
Dating Goals: “We saw you from across the bar and liked your vibe.”

Jason Voorhees

Hometown: Camp Crystal Lake, New Jersey
Likes: Summertime, sunshine, fresh air
Dislikes: Swimming
Dating Goals: “I’d love to find someone who I can bring home to my mom … she means the world to me.”


Hometown: Deep in the heart of Texas
Likes: BBQ, dancing
Dislikes: Unseasoned cooking
Dating Goals: “The way to anybody’s heart is straight through their stomach. Here, let me show you.”

Patrick Bateman

Hometown: New York City
Likes: Strict routines, reservations
Dislikes: Conformity, daily specials
Dating Goals: “Well, actually that’s none of your business, now is it? But I can assure you, it certainly isn’t to talk.”

You know what they say … love hurts. So tell us, who is your slasher soulmate? Share your thoughts with other horror fans at side.show/geekgroup, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!

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