Rare Finds: [email protected] Collectible Figures by Medicom Toy

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Smarter than Your Average [email protected]

The ever-expanding world of [email protected] figures is an exciting, colorful, creative experience. Whether you have [email protected] of your own or have never heard the name, today we want to introduce you to this popular series of deceptively simple designer bears that are perfect for every collection! Are you a fan of famous artists? How about super heroes? These collectibles have you covered!

With numerous limited-edition styles and different scales to suit every shelf, there’s no reason not to bring [email protected] to your home. Let’s take a closer look at what makes these designer collectible figures so special and highly sought-after.

What is a [email protected]?

The first [email protected] was introduced to the world in 2001, as a free giveaway at a Tokyo convention. Created by the Japanese brand Medicom Toy, these simple pot-bellied bears are a variation on the popular collectible Kubrick figures — small humanoid characters comparable to the look of LEGO minifigures. While named as a tribute to director Stanley Kubrick, it is also a mashup of “kyu” — the Japanese word for the number nine — and “brick.” Both Kubricks and [email protected] are made up of nine parts in the figure: the head, torso, two arms, two hands, a hip joint, and two legs. The joints have swiveling articulation and allow for simple poses.

Like their Kubrick cousins, [email protected] are also highly collectible, limited edition, and rarely ever re-released. They have an iconic silhouette and cover a wide array of styles, colorways, fandoms, and other licensed designs that make them popular with the designer toy collecting community. Popular design series include [email protected] Horror, Jellybean (solid colors that are translucent), Heroes, Artist, and more.

Given their limited production runs, incredible design variation, and consistency of scale and format, [email protected] have rocketed in acclaim and desirability in the decades since their debut.

What Sizes of [email protected] are Available?

[email protected] figures come in multiple scales, with each being limited edition and very sought-after. The standard 7 centimeters figure is referred to as the 100% size, with variations both smaller and larger occurring based on that point of reference. In terms of large [email protected] for display, the 400% and 1000% varieties are well known for their impressive stature, measuring 28 centimeters and 70 centimeters respectively.

Other formats than just the bear shape have been produced in limited numbers, including the [email protected] Train Series collectible set (pictured above), which features a [email protected] Train Conductor figure along with a series of connecting Japanese train cars with the signature bear ears. However, collectors will find that the standard [email protected] shape is by far the most plentiful across the varying scales.

What Licenses and Designs do [email protected] Come In?

Officially licensed [email protected] collectibles are available in numerous designs and styles. These series have previously been defined as:

  • Basic (solid color figure, each with one letter of the word “[email protected]” on its chest)
  • Jellybean (solid color figure that is translucent)
  • Pattern (patterned decoration such as stripes, dots, and swirls)
  • Flag (representing national flags)
  • Horror (featuring horror film characters)
  • SF (short for science fiction)
  • Cute (embodying the concept of cuteness)
  • Animal (depicting real animals)
  • Artist (based on the work of visual artists)
  • Heroes (specifically a series of DC Comics collectibles)

Within these distinctions, fans can find an incredible range of fandoms represented in the designs. The many varieties offered at Sideshow include The Simpsons, Andy Warhol, Disney, anime figures, and more! The extensive world of [email protected] designs has to be seen to be believed. So, we’ve curated a selection of styles to spotlight below for collectors looking to add these bountiful bears to their homes.

[email protected] Product Spotlight

If you’re looking for an array of [email protected] pieces to suit any collection, take a look at just a few fantastic examples from Sideshow’s online offerings. These featured items are in-stock now and ready to ship to you right away, so you can build your [email protected] army at home!

[email protected] Space Invaders 1000% Figure

For fans of the classic arcade game, bring home this bear with a glossy black arcade background. Pixelated invaders and the player tank adorn its cosmic surface to recreate that retro feel in your video game collection.

[email protected] Flying Balloons Girl 100% and 400% Figures

Inspired by the iconic work by Banksy, this [email protected] set recreates that spray painted mural visual in two distinct scales for your collection. Artistic food for thought.

[email protected] Andy Warhol x Jean-Michel Basquiat #1 1000% Figure

Two towering artistic legacies combined in an equally massive [email protected] figure! Neo-expressionism and pop art combine on the surface of this collectible in a style collaboration between Warhol and Basquiat.

[email protected] The Simpsons Cyclops 100% and 400% Figures

Even the familiar faces of Springfield can be seen in the [email protected] collection, based on the iconic animation style of The Simpsons. This set of figures features Chief Clancy Wiggum as a cycloptic monster as seen in Guillermo Del Toro‘s special couch gag opening sequence.

[email protected] The Beatles Anthology 1000% Figure

With photography and album covers from the iconic English rock band, this [email protected] makes a perfect gift for Beatles lovers in your life! Perfect for display alongside a music collection.

[email protected] Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe 100% and 400% Figures

Colorful and expressive — everything a [email protected] should be! This famous pop art interpretation of an American icon is classy and collectible. Bring this fine art figure set home for your own gallery and impress your guests.

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