Rare Finds: Classic Creatures and Monsters

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Santa Claws Are Coming to Town

No matter the season, no matter the reason, ghouls are cool. Sure, as children we might have heightened fears of the creepies, the crawlies, and everything that goes bump in the night. But as we get older, many monsters become nostalgic favorites, sparking our imagination of what lies beyond humanity. Maybe we even see a bit of ourselves in these interesting outsiders.

Whether they have to claw, bite, or shamble their way into your home (and your heart), these fun, freaky, and fan-favorite beasts are anything but a burden on your home collection. Look no further for some ho-ho-horror in your holiday gifts this season.

Universal Monsters Dracula Tiki Mug by Beeline Creative

Easier than drinking from the jugular…

There’s nothing quite like a little toothpick umbrella in a glass to instantly introduce a laid-back mood to your meal. We’re pretty sure they don’t have tiki bars in Transylvania, but Dracula might agree that colorful straws and strong spirits can make even the dreariest vampire crack a fanged smile. Beeline Creative has even included all your favorite featured creatures (including Frankenstein, Wolfie, and the Gill-Man) in this collection (each sold separately) so if you vant to drink in style, a freaky, geeky tiki is the only way to go. Make it a monster mash and invite your friends!

Fulci Zombie Poster Zombie Bust by Trick or Treat Studios

Always aim for the head!

Love them or hate them, zombies have gotten a good grip on our brains thanks to pop culture’s many modern interpretations of these shambling corpses. They represent the worst of what we might become if we lose ourselves (or if we don’t get enough coffee). Thankfully, they can’t go very far without arms and legs, so a zombie bust might be the safest way to enjoy the undying horror in your home. Perfect for fans of Lucio Fulci’s iconic film Zombie, or for collectors of the undead, apocalypse preparedness never seemed so cool.

Creature from the Black Lagoon (Silver Screen Variant) Sixth Scale Figure by MONDO

Sure to make a splash wherever he goes…

They say black and white is the new green! The Creature from the Black Lagoon is an iconic presence in monster movie history — whether underwater, on land, or on the screen, this beloved finned film star has a place in the hearts of many. Easier than keeping an aquarium, this meticulously crafted figure captures details that fans may have never seen up close, but like the lovable Gill-Man himself, this creature collectible is a unique evolution beyond the usual.

Bat Brain Designer Collectible Toy by Unruly Industries™

Something to sink your teeth into…

You’re so vein, you probably think this vampire is craving you! Movies and literature have told us a lot of things about vampires — they can be irresistibly beautiful or downright horrifying. But what about adorable? This little bite-sized Bat Brain combines the classic signs of vampirism like fangs and a dark ensemble with humorously cute aspects like exaggerated features and little hovering toes. Regardless of what he might do in the shadows, this is one lighthearted count.

Cthulhu II Fine Art Print by Sideshow Art Prints

This sleeper will awaken any room!

They say to look upon him will induce madness, but probably not in the form of this incredible art print by artist Richard Luong. Available unframed, in a custom framed format, or as a luxury canvas print, this beautiful eldritch horror is sure to capture the imaginations of guests, friends, and anyone who passes by the dread sleeper on your walls. Lovingly crafted as the ultimate tribute to this unfathomable entity, this incredible illustration is easier to display than spelling Cthulhu. Trust us.

Monsters — they’re just like us! Well, sort of. It’s hard to deny their charm and appeal, whether we love to be frightened or we recognize the humanity beneath all those scales, fangs, and fur. But the most horrific part of all would be missing out on the chance to share the scares this holiday season.