Rare Finds: Collectibles for Animal Lovers

Looking to combine childhood nostalgia with your adult budget? Sideshow’s Rare Finds is your source for all things cool, classy, and collectible.

A Different Kind of Creature Feature

Who doesn’t love an animal? Whether they are your precious fur babies, an old childhood companion, or your favorite beast in this big, wide world, the animal kingdom is full of colorful creatures in every shape and size.

Maybe you find yourself tragically allergic to animals or it’s just not the right time to add a four-legged friend to your household — why not take a walk on the wild side and try these ready-to-ship designer collectible toys? (You don’t even have to pick up after them!)

Monocycle Hum Statue by Manas SUM

This little friend is wheelie cute!

We all know that hamsters love wheels, but this adorable statue takes the idea to a whole new level. Easier than training your beloved rodent to do tricks, Monocycle Hum is perfectly balanced on his little ride, bringing a touch of class and character to your shelf. Look how dapper his little designer suit and hat are! We challenge you to get your little Nibbles to stay still long enough for this perfect photo op.

Ghostbear x Unruly Designer Collectible Toy by Unruly Industries™

We’re sensing some bear-anormal activity…

If you get the creeps when wandering the woods at night, it might be thanks to this phantasmal little friend — Ghost Bear! No need to paws when you see him, though, because he’s super cute and friendly, with an exclusive Unruly Industries colorway so vibrant he can’t hide from you. So, hands off the phone, because you don’t need to dial any spirit-scaring specialists. Prove that you ain’t afraid and bring him home to haunt today.

Scotty Cat Statue by Chronicle Collectibles

It’s not exactly scotch, but it’ll do…

Space, the final fur-ontier, is never too far away with the right crew on hand. If you know someone who loves cats and Star Trek (and, let’s be honest, you probably do), then you’ll want to beam this adorable gift their way. Scotty Cat does really love his drink, clutching it between his toe beans, but he’s not too busy to get the warp engines back to working condition. Then, it’s time to boldly nap for a few hours on the decks of the Enterprise.

Pigsy Figurine by Manas SUM

That journey can wait another day…

As snug as a pig in a bean bag chair, this porky pink friend is an adorable addition to any desk or entertainment center. Pigsy may be known for being lazy, but we all know the temptation to put off chores and scroll our phones. Take a page out of his book and put your hooves up for a bit of relaxation. Along with his friend and rival, the Monkey King, you can start your Journey to the West whenever you’re ready.

La Dolce Vita APO Frogs Designer Toy by twelveDot

Hoppiness is just a click away…

If you find frogs simply ribbiting, turn your eyes towards the APO Frogs collection by twelveDot. These designer toys are decked out in their own outfits, like La Dolce Vita, prepared for the frosty holiday season with its own Sherpa-lined aviator hat and chrome-colored belly. While bright colors in the wild might represent poison and danger, these lovable friends add a splash of visual excitement wherever they land!

Not only is this an adorable addition to any shelf, the packaging on APO Frogs features conservation facts, bringing awareness of how we need to protect the environment for these little leapers. A perfect gift for the eco-conscious animal lover.

Hamsters and kittens and bears — oh my! An entire menagerie of creatures from across the animal kingdom is just waiting for you to bring the wild into your home collection. Anything less is highly zoo-illogical.