Rare Finds: Cult Classic Movie Collectibles

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Cult-urally Significant Media

Underrated classics that are infinitely quotable. Strong cinematic outings that reached their audience later on. When you find a cult film that clicks, it’s like being invited to an exclusive club with secret handshakes and rendezvous spots. This isn’t to say these stories aren’t famous in their right, but they have never really quite gotten the mainstream love they deserve.

But that’s where you come in. You’re a champion of the underdog, an aficionado of the odd and offbeat. And you’re in luck, because these cults are recruiting — share your fandom with pride and maybe introduce your friends and family to them while you’re at it.

The X-Files: The Official Archives Book by Abrams Books

Do you want to believe?

The truth is out there, and for the dreamers and the skeptics, here’s your cold, hard proof. This X-Files Official Archives Book is full of incredible illustrations, forensic reports, camera printouts, and more, surrounding 50 unforgettable cases from the beloved series. Nothing cryptic about these cryptids — you’ll find everything you need laid out in detail as you study some of the greatest villains Agents Mulder and Scully ever faced.

Syd Mead Blaster by Chronicle Collectibles

Nothing it Repli-can’t do.

He might not be the head of the Tyrell Corporation, but there’s no denying Syd Mead’s visionary designs for the future. His career in conceptualizing futuristic technology for film and television has infiltrated our imaginations more cleanly than a Nexus series Replicant. This unique pre-production concept blaster captures both the advancement and gritty reality of Blade Runner‘s bleak outlook on the world. With interactive elements like articulation and light-up features, the only test of your humanity here is sheer wallet-based willpower.

Westley AKA The Dread Pirate Roberts Sixth Scale Figure by QMX

Now with more tolerance for iocane powder!

We’re not here to drag you into a battle of wits, but we are certain you’d be able to hold your own with the sword-sharp mind of Westley, AKA the Dread Pirate Roberts, on your side. He seems a decent fellow, he’s charming, swashbuckling, and above all, devoted to his love. Enough to make even the most skeptical individuals swoon chapter after chapter. So if you ever want to get yourself out of the Pit of Despair, we’d recommend bringing home a charming farm boy of your own.

(This is the part where you say, “As you wish.“)

Copper Bones Skeleton Key Prop Replica by Factory Entertainment

Easier than following a treasure map.

Triple stones, one eye — we’ll leave the numbers to the Goonies! If you want to skip ahead in your treasure hunt, then you’ve come to the right place. Chester Copperpot’s very own Skeleton Key has never been easier to find, thanks to this limited edition recreation. Based on the actual screen-used prop, this metal-cast, leather-strapped replica is a relic worth turning pirate for. We promise, there’s no booby traps involved.

Alex DeLarge Statue by Star Ace Toys Ltd.

Not for the lactose or violence intolerant.

Viddy well, my brothers. The most notorious gang leader in England, Alex DeLarge, has been imagined in small scale! This horrorshow presentation will send shivers up your spine — and if you can’t look directly at his signature made-up eyes, then take a look at the gory peepers on his cufflinks. This premium edition statue includes an undeniably iconic magnetic mask, perfect for disguising yourself for a night out with the droogs.

Whether you loved them from day one or came to appreciate them later in life, these cult classics have rooted themselves in pop culture just off the beaten path. The audience is truly what brings them to life, off the screen and outside the box.

Quote them, collect them, live them — there’s no denying your fandom runs deep for these veritable geek gems.