Rare Finds: Figures and Merch from Your Fave Netflix Shows

Looking to combine childhood nostalgia with your adult budget? Sideshow’s Rare Finds is your source for all things cool, classy, and collectible.

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Are you still watching? Or are you looking for a way to bring your favorite shows off of streaming and into your home? (No, we don’t just mean downloading them for offline viewing.)

Your taste in television is just as unique as your eye for collecting. With everyone’s own fandom in mind, Sideshow has an exciting collection of options when browsing for truly eye-catching merchandise to celebrate your favorite shows. You don’t need a monthly subscription or an interdimensional gate to access figures and statues of modern streaming hits.

Check out our selection below of rare finds you might have missed from some current Netflix hits. (And don’t worry — you don’t have to wait two months for Volume 2 to drop!)

Stranger Things

Now that you’re probably finished with the newest episodes from Season 4 (no spoilers!), you might as well start a series rewatch. What else are you supposed to do? If you’re getting nostalgic for some nostalgia, don’t miss these incredible Stranger Things figures from Threezero. Each sixth scale figure is highly articulated, comes with multiple accessories, and is just one crucial part of any adventuring party to the Upside Down.

This freakish Demogorgon figure features both an opened-mouth portrait and a closed-mouth portrait for creating tense and terrifying poses. Fight back with Eleven, who comes ready to battle with her pink dress costume, her laboratory gown costume, a nosebleed portrait, and even two scaled-down Eggo waffles! Finally, the Dustin figure adds some much-needed scientific strategy to any collection. Fully poseable, this figure features a backpack full of gear — a walkie-talkie, a flashlight, a headset, and even the adorable D’Artagnan the Demodog (when he was still small and innocent).

If these things aren’t strange enough for you, you can also bring home this Eleven Nendoroid figure by the Good Smile Company. Based on her season 1 appearance, our favorite telekinetic preteen comes with a box of waffles to hold while you pose her — talk about a balanced breakfast! She also comes with an additional wig accessory and swap-out expressions and is available to ship to your collection now. The Hawkins Lab should have just asked you where to find her and saved everyone a lot of time and heartache.

Peaky Blinders

Even if you don’t pay for suits, you’ll want to add these Peaky Blinders figures to your collection. This crime family knows their way around the mean streets of a post-war Birmingham, England. Your shelf will be transported back to a world of racketeering, gambling, and sharply dressed gents — don’t forget the flat caps.

If you’re looking for a leader in your gang of pop culture statues, the Thomas Shelby 1:10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios is a suave, sculpted representation of Cillian Murphy’s charismatic character. It includes two portraits — one with and one without his signature cap — and is hand-painted over high-quality polystone.

To immerse yourself even further in the Peaky Blinders’ inner workings, the Thomas Shelby and Arthur Shelby sixth scale figures (sold separately) by BIG Chief Studio are fully poseable pieces with plenty of accessories. Their suits are carefully tailored, with no need to burn the house down to get all the detail from the series. Craft your perfect display with authentic likeness portraits, a bevy of accessories, and of course, plenty of weapons. Remember, good taste is for people who don’t collect figures.


Netflix is an absolute treasure trove of anime series. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole — just so long as it’s not like the post-apocalyptic Hole in DoroHeDoro! Most people feel cursed with “lizard brains” when they’re feeling particularly sluggish or forgetful. DoroHeDoro‘s hero Caiman not only has amnesia, but now he has a lizard face. The Caiman Sixth Scale Figure captures his unusual appearance and stature based directly on his anime appearance, complete with multiple expression pieces for his scaly mug. He has a detailed fabric costume and is ready to confront the sorcerers responsible for his transfiguration.

From lizard faces to skull masks, the Ebisu Sixth Scale Figure captures the enigmatic magic user in poseable form. She comes with her two skull-faced portraits (the classic and the “new” horned version) and a bare-faced portrait as well as her chimeric ally Kikurage. Store her sickles alongside this strange creature in the included backpack. You don’t have to worry about magical smoke with this one — guaranteed not to turn you into a reptile by accident!

The Witcher

Get ready to toss a coin to your Witcher! While you wait for season 3 to begin streaming on Netflix, why not revisit some of your favorite scenes from the show as they were translated from the hit video game? We know you love the action, the plot, and the intrigue of The Witcher world, but let’s not forget about the Geralt in the bath scene. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a moment to refresh your memory.

Dark Horse Comics has captured all the details you love (down to the yellow duckie!) about this moment of respite for the gruff monster slayer in collectible form. After all, you can’t spell “now streaming on Netflix” without “steaming.” Now that’s one for Jaskier to sing about! You can find these and even more collectibles from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which partly inspired the live-action series, available now on Sideshow.com.


Ultraman is one of the most well-known and beloved tokusatsu heroes in all of Japan. Tokusatsu is a production genre related to science fiction, fantasy, and drama filled with special effects. Over the years, this futuristic super hero has even transcended translation to become a recognized symbol across the world — including within Netflix’s extensive library of shows. The Ultraman anime series expands the lore of the franchise and introduces even more audiences to the character thanks to on-demand streaming.

While the Ultras have undergone many evolutions, style changes, and reimagined origins over time, the idea of Ultraman remains utterly iconic. Threezero’s Shin Ultraman FigZero S is just one of many incredible tributes to the character that have been created. This articulated figure is poseable so you can recreate your favorite action stances and battle moments.

If that’s not enough, you can check out even more advancements in Ultra suit technology, including the Ultraman Suit Taro (Anime Version) and many more Ultraman figures.

Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045

Technology is always changing — video rental stores of the past could only dream of what the Netflix streaming service model would look like. And on Netflix, there are plenty of futuristic sci-fi shows that feature even more imaginings of the future. The ever-popular Ghost in the Shell franchise may have started in 1980, but its anime spinoff takes place in 2045, showing a dangerous glimpse of a cybernetic future in which paper and electronic currency economy has crumbled and the Big 4 nations vie for power in a seemingly endless struggle.

Though the GHOST mercenaries might be elusive, you can bring home Motoko and her spider-like Tachikoma robot for your collection with ease. This collectible set features a number of swappable parts including Tachikoma’s walking and running legs, a gatling gun, a moveable hatch for Motoko Kusanagi to fit into, and even moveable eyes. Enjoy the technological advancements of an anime future without, y’know, the digital apocalypse part.

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Have you ever seen Netflix’s “Play Something” button? With so many shows to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. Sideshow’s own extensive catalogue of collectibles is carefully curated to suit every type of fan. You’re sure to find something new to fall in love with — so why not start your next deep dive with all the merch and figures Sideshow.com has to offer? We know you’ve got plenty of time before Stranger Things season 5.

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