Rare Finds: Heroic Comic Book Collectibles

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We’ve Got You (Variant) Covered!

From Sunday funnies to floppy copies, comic books come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. First printings, variant covers, and key issues are highly collectible, and collected editions are a great way to catch up on popular series. Since their pulp origins, the powerful characters contained within these panels have become global symbols of hope, heroism, and adventures that have entertained generations.

In honor of Free Comic Book Day 2022, let’s take a look at these comic book-inspired collectibles — whether they’re on the book shelf, the statue shelf, or the wall, these beloved heroes, antiheroes, and villains are a perfect way to celebrate all your favorite stories.

Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins Series I and II Library Edition by Dark Horse Comics

Simply glorious!

While it may seem like a daunting undertaking to jump in with Critical Role’s smash-hit campaign The Legend of Vox Machina, this Dark Horse Comics series collects two entire volumes of official prequel content. Vox Machina Origins introduces new adventures not featured in the streaming/podcast show— plus it scratches that tabletop RPG itch. Witness the first meeting of eventual-heroes Grog, Pike, Scanlan, Vex, Vax, Keyleth, and Percy as they navigate the vast and sometimes vicious continent of Tal’Dorei in search of coin and glory.

Gambit Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow

Stealin’ the spotlight.

Spice up your collection with a little bit of the ragin’ Cajun, Remy LeBeau! This Gambit deluxe figure celebrates everyone’s favorite thieving mutant with undeniable swagger and swamp smarts. Inspired by his iconic ’90s appearance (can you hear the animated series theme already?), this highly articulated figure comes with card throwing effects, two different hairstyles, and his signature trench coat carefully tailored in sixth scale proportions. He’s ready to nab your heart and the prime position on your collectibles shelf, chère.

Vampirella #10 (Special Virgin Painted Cover by Lucio Parrillo) by Dynamic Forces

Artwork to die for.

Comic book collectors won’t want to miss this unique limited edition cover for Vampirella #10. Dynamite’s beloved bloodsucking bombshell is featured in this darkly alluring portrait by artist Lucio Parrillo. This book features the full Vampirella #10 story with a textless (virgin) presentation that puts all the focus on the incredible artwork, originally a painting. Surrounded by skulls and blood-red drapes, the daughter of Drakulon makes an incredible addition to any collection.

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Superman Action Comics #1 Pewter Collectible by Royal Selangor

The Man of Steel in pewter!

It’s definitely not a bird, nor a plane! Royal Selangor’s precious metal take on the incredibly iconic Action Comics #1 cover puts you right in the center of the scene, showing Superman from an alternate perspective. He holds the front of a car effortlessly overhead, flying against a full color backdrop. The Superman sculpture is detailed with rippling muscles, a billowing cape, and of course his “S” symbol of hope. Limited to an edition of only 800 pieces ever produced, adding this pewter collectible to your shelf is easier than tracking down a copy of the comic itself.

Venom Fine Art Print (Ryan Brown) by Sideshow Art Prints

This one’s a mouthful.

Symbiotes don’t obey the laws of physics, which explains Venom’s tongue practically popping off the canvas in this detailed fine art collectible. Originally created as a variant cover for Marvel’s Symbiote Spider-Man series, this comic book artwork is available to fans both unframed or in a custom-framed presentation complete with a color-coordinated double mat design. Grinning at the prospects of so many victims to eat, Ryan Brown’s take on Venom is terrifyingly toothy and makes a perfect lethal protector for your collection.

Lobo Maquette Exclusive Edition by Sideshow

Frag yeah!

Face it, your collection needs a main man. What better way to get the baddest bastich in the Omniverse on your side than bringing home the bounty with this Lobo Maquette? With an Exclusive Edition featuring a swap-out snarling portrait, the ‘Bo is ready to stomp his way onto your shelf — just ask the guts and gibs of the aliens beneath his boots! His custom tailored pants and faux-leather jacket complete his signature wild style as he shreds his gun guitar that’s practically exploding with comic book Easter eggs.

All your favorites are ready to be bagged, boarded, and boxed for your four-color viewing pleasure. Get these comic book collectibles delivered to you and make every day of the week a reason to celebrate. These items and more are ready to ship to you faster than it took Saga to come back from hiatus!

Are you celebrating Free Comic Book Day on May 7? Which of these characters are you hoping to add to your collection? Let Your Geek Sideshow and tell us in the comments below.