Rare Finds: Lord of the Rings Statues and Collectibles

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What Collectibles Do Your Elf Eyes See?


Every fan’s collection has the one thing to rule them all — and fans of The Lord of the Rings have countless ages of incredible collectibles to choose from. Between beloved books, an iconic film trilogy, and extended editions aplenty, there’s no shortage of story to dive into – just look at one Middle-earth family tree. There is something for everyone, from Hobbits to Uruk-Hai. Hey, even Sauron was a collector if you think about it!

While adventure awaits, it can be dangerous business going out your door. If you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to. So, why not let the LOTR collectibles come to you? Scout ahead with these must-have Lord of the Rings statues, art prints, and figures for your growing fellowship — all ready to ship today.

Gandalf the Grey Sixth Scale Figure by Asmus Collectible Toys

Expect him when you order him!

A wizard arrives precisely when he means to — but that doesn’t mean you should miss bringing home this Lord of the Rings figure to your collection. The Gandalf the Grey Sixth Scale Figure is as detailed as the diary of Moria he carries with him, boasting hand-glued real wool hair and a fully tailored costume. He comes prepared for adventure with two wood-like staffs, Glamdring, and his signature pipe. Collectors can even change up his contemplative expression with the rotatable eyes feature, which seems like pure wizardry to us. Complete with a Hobbiton diorama base, Gandalf is ready to make the journey to your collection.

Archer Orc 1:10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios

An evil army for any Orc-casion.

A journey is not without challenge, and the perilous adventure to Mordor means your heroes will meet many enemies. Take this archer Orc, for example. Based on original movie references, this grotesque bowman of Sauron’s armies is hand-painted to capture the intense attack on the Fellowship of the Ring through Moria. He holds a poison-tipped arrow and is clad in weathered armor and wraps. The limited-edition polystone Archer Orc Statue can be paired with even more of his allies like the Swordsman Orc Statue and the Armored Orc Statue, each sold separately, to protect your collection from curious and courageous Hobbits.

Treebeard Statue by Star Ace Toys Ltd.

His tales will keep you ent-ertained for hours!

Why not make the oldest living thing in Middle-earth the newest addition to your collection? Uprooted from the Forest of Fangorn, this elder Ent is ready to march into your collection in this detailed sculpture that captures his wizened, wooden qualities. The Treebeard Statue also features the Hobbits Merry and Pippin riding astride the towering tree as he takes them to Isengard. Bark-like textures and moss green paint applications recreate the majesty of nature on your shelf. Make it a proper Entmoot and place this whimsical figure alongside other plants in your home!

Cave Troll Deluxe 1:10 Scale Statue by Iron Studios

Even Moria monsters for your collection.

We’ve saved you the trouble of going through the Misty Mountains to find this trollish treasure for your shelf. This gruesome creature comes right from the battle at the Chamber of Mazarbul, sporting rusty chains and a massive hammer. The Cave Troll Deluxe 1:10 Scale Statue stands 16.5″ tall, cast in polystone and hand-painted as a limited edition Lord of the Rings statue. Scaly and slow-witted, its intimidating stature is sure to surprise even the most stalwart Dwarves who cross its path. Make like Sauron and capture one for your army of collectibles today!

Morgul Lord Statue by Star Ace Toys Ltd.

Witch-King? This king!

One does not simply walk away from the villains of The Lord of the Rings films! Especially when it comes to facing down the Witch-King of Angmar on the Field of Pellenor. This Defo-Real statue version captures the intense detail of this dread Morgul Lord in a condensed collectible format. His spiked crown towers above the armies of Man, and he wields both a broadsword and a black mace. This premium edition polyresin statue is the greatest of the nine Nazgûl and makes a menacing addition to any fan’s collection.

Lord of the Rings Art Prints – Vanderstelt Studio

Beautiful scenes from every corner of Middle-earth.

Renowned fantasy artist Jerry Vanderstelt has turned his talents to the epic and breathtaking world of Tolkien’s Middle-earth, as seen in the Lord of the Rings film series. Each officially licensed Lord of the Rings art print brings viewers to iconic sights and scenes like Bag End, Rivendell, Moria, and beyond – all without full chapters of walking in between! Here you’ll find limited edition giclées that come in multiple size options, include Certificates of Authenticity, and even those that come signed and numbered by the artist. With this many options, you’ll have a glamorous gallery of some of the greatest fantasy moments ever put to screen.

Lord of the Rings Coins – New Zealand Mint

The precious … Precious metal coins, that is.

Clever collectorses, seeking the precious. We loves the precious! New Zealand Mint has forged a series of 1 oz. pure silver LOTR commemorative coins, each limited edition and genuine legal tender. Detailed engravings and vibrant colors recreate movie moments, posters, and chibi character designs displayed in clear acrylic capsules or custom display boxes. Rare and valuable, each features a Certificate of Authenticity to prove that it’s worth coveting even from the depths of your underground river cave. You’ll never want to part with this precious!

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