Rare Finds: Pop Culture Geeki Tikis for the Summer!

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Bring the Tiki Bar Home with Beeline Creative

Every summer, tiki drinks are both topical and tropical! What better way to kick back in the heat than with a tall, frosty glass of Qui-Gon Gin and Tonic, a Mai Tai Morphin Power Ranger, or maybe even a Long Island Iced Teela? But more than what’s mixed up inside, it’s the mug that matters. The tiki aesthetic has a grip on grog-lovers across the nation, and it’s no surprise why. The laidback lifestyle is appealing — and now more accessible than ever.

Beeline Creative’s Geeki Tikis offer a wide array of pop culture icons transformed into functional fandom drinkware. With recognizable designs reimagined using a tiki mug aesthetic, your favorite heroes and villains can hold your blended beverages for you. Each Geeki Tiki mug is officially licensed and made of high-quality glazed ceramic, holding an average of 16-19 oz. of your favorite drink! There are even larger bowl sizes that can hold more — perfect for parties.

Whether you’re enjoying pop culture or a soda pop in the sun, these Geeki Tikis will have you sipping in style all season long! Available now and ready to ship to you, grab them before your next big barbecue and be the envy of your fellow superfans.

Star Wars™ Tiki Mugs

Ahsoka Tano™ — Luckily, the Jedi™ don’t forbid refreshments.

From Snips to sips, this multicolored mug features a design inspired by fan-favorite Togruta™ Ahsoka Tano. Capable of holding 18 oz. of liquid, you could totally fit a ‘tano your favorite smoothie or soda inside the blue-glazed well of this tiki drinkware. Her two-toned exterior is glazed with vibrant orange and her iconic white striped montrals™ and lekku™. The pours are strong with this one!

Dark Trooper™ — Perfect for those Imperial stouts!

Whether you’re on the hunt for a strong grog or an even stronger Grogu™, the Dark Trooper Tiki Mug is a necessary addition to your army of accessories. The black glaze design is accented with red eyes and a red inner well — and while these intimidating suits of armor have no soldiers inside, you can fill them with whatever quenches your thirst for glory in the galaxy!

Max Rebo™ — Sip away on your sail barge.

He may play the ball jet organ with his feet, but your drink is all mixed by hand (we hope). Fit for a Hutt’s™ summer bash on the sands of Tatooine™, the Max Rebo Tiki Mug is a big, bowl-like container for your favorite out-of-this-world refreshments. Share with your band mates or savor using a silly straw with this little blue alien’s collectible drinkware. Whether you prefer the outer rim filled with Jedi and bounty hunters or salted to complement your favorite spirits, the Max Rebo Band is sure to have you on your feet and dancing the night away.

He-Man Tiki Mug

By the Power of Grey Goose!

If fabulous secrets were revealed to you in a cocktail recipe book, try your hand at mastering the universe of drink mixing! The He-Man Tiki Mug is a mighty addition to any kitchen collection, instantly transforming any beverage by the power of Grayskull. This mug features a yellow exterior glaze with gray and red details on his signature chest plate, and a black inner glaze. He is also microwave and dishwasher safe for extra durability — but you should still avoid the fires of Snake Mountain with this one.

Back to the Future Tiki Mug Set

For when you need 1.21 jigo-shots.

Great Scotch! This is heavy, Doc … about 18 oz. heavy. An iconic trio of characters is here to help you celebrate the beloved Back to the Future film trilogy in style. Snag a Doc Brown Tiki Mug, Marty McFly Tiki Mug, and an Einstein the Dog Tiki Muglet with this limited edition set — always in style, no matter what decade you’re in. If you’re looking to take someone with you to the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, invite that special someone back to your place for time traveling tiki drinks and ask them out. (Or just call in Darth Vader™ if you need a little extra encouragement.)

Black Ranger Tiki Mug

Become a Masto Mixologist!

Morph your kitchen into a mighty awesome space for you and your friends! There’s nothing better than a cool drink to get your energy back after saving the world — just ask the Angel Grove Gym and Juice Bar. The Power Rangers Black Ranger Tiki Mug features white gloss accents on the helmet tusks and inner well to contrast the striking design detailed all the way down to the Morpher belt buckle. Pair the microwave and dishwasher-safe Black Ranger with his other teammates for a colorful collection of crimefighters. Just don’t try making a Megazord under the influence.

Ghost Face Tiki Mug

The meanest mug of the Halloween season.

Everyone knows this frightening face. Even if you’re trying to relax with a refreshing beverage, this iconic slasher is lurking with his signature knife to drive up the tension. A pop of white glaze against the black reaper robe design is made even more frightening with the blood-red inner portion of the Ghost Face Tiki Mug. A must-have for horror fans, you won’t want to sip from anything else during your next scary movie marathon. Be sure to drink responsibly — or you might wake up with a stabbing headache!

Mug collectors of the world, unite! We know not everyone will agree, but we believe there’s no such thing as too many mugs. And when it comes to these tikis, they’re as collectible as they are functional. Display your drinkware with pride with these and dozens of other Beeline Creative Geeki Tiki styles available at Sideshow right now.

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