Rare Finds: Star Trek Collectibles, Figures, and Replicas

Looking to combine childhood nostalgia with your adult budget? Sideshow’s Rare Finds is your source for all things cool, classy, and collectible.

Collector’s Log, Stardate 4523.3

We seem to have encountered strange new life in the Sideshow system. Scaled replicas and collectibles of iconic members of Starfleet and the universe at large — this must be some sort of alternate timeline, shrunken down and preserved in expert detail …

Through every new generation of Star Trek fans, the love, passion, and curiosity for life beyond our own world remains the same. From the moments of first contact to exploration of distant quadrants and civilizations, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want to decorate your own ship’s bridge with detailed models of essential evolutions of the U.S.S. Enterprise or to stock your armory with replica weapons from new and unique galactic cultures, Sideshow.com has what you’re looking for.

Simply hop into our holodeck simulation and search through these and other exciting Star Trek figures, replicas, and collectibles. Everything featured here is in-stock and ready to boldly go into your collection today!

Mirror Universe Spock Sixth Scale Figure by EXO-6

Terran worlds apart to join your collection.

We’re merely stating facts — this Spock Sixth Scale Figure based on his appearance in the iconic Star Trek: TOS episode “Mirror, Mirror” is a most fascinating addition to any fan’s collection. He sports a detailed (and bearded!) likeness of Leonard Nimoy as this alternate universe Mr. Spock, capturing the intimidating qualities of this Vulcan/Terran hybrid decorated with medals on his unique, tailored costume. Articulated for posing, he comes with accessories befitting the morally corrupt leadership — in addition to a phaser and a dagger, the agonizer should be a powerful deterrent to any wayward crew members. Not adding this Mirror Spock to your collection would be … highly illogical.

Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Watches (Clear or White) by Vannen

Keeping minutes in any timeline.

Kelvin continuity, the main reality — no matter where in the final frontier you find yourself, you’ll need something to keep you on schedule. Stardates come and go, but you’ve got appointments to keep. These Vannen Star Trek watches come in both a clear and a white design variety, based on the artwork of Tom Whalen. Each style is limited to an edition of only 150 pieces and features Star Trek etchings on the stainless steel back casing. Plus, random watches in the edition come in packaging autographed by Tom Whalen! Keep the coolest captain’s log around with one of these on your wrist.

Captain Kathryn Janeway Sixth Scale Figure by EXO-6

Every voyage needs a captain!

The Borg better not try to assimilate her until she’s had her morning coffee. The fearless and selfless Captain Kathryn Janeway makes the perfect addition to any fan’s Star Trek crew. Faithful to the likeness of actress Kate Mulgrew, this figure is fully articulated and features a number of accessories, including her signature cup of joe — the finest organic suspension ever devised. Her kit is complete with a hand phaser, phaser rifle, and tricorder, plus an expertly tailored Starfleet uniform. The U.S.S. Voyager’s next uncharted expedition? Your collection!

Lirpa Scaled Prop Replica by Factory Entertainment

Near, Pon Farr, Wherever You Are

There’s no need to wait for the seven year cycle to add this traditional Vulcan melee weapon to your collection. This detailed, scaled replica may be far less dangerous than the real thing, but Factory Entertainment’s Lirpa Prop Replica is made of solid metal and comes with its own display stand. Known for its fan-shaped blade and club-like bottom, this iconic armament is a must-have for any Star Trek fan’s collection. No mind-melding required to understand how it works.

Captain James T. Kirk 1 oz. Silver Coin by New Zealand Mint

No Kobayashi Maru here!

The only no-win situation here is missing out on a precious metal collectible coin — precious in the sense that it’s both genuine silver, but also features an adorable and unique chibi design of the one and only Captain James Tiberius Kirk! This collectible coin is authentic currency, minted in an extremely limited edition of only 2000 ever produced. Lead your crew from the captain’s chair with a view through the display window in the collector’s box.

U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1707-D (Gold Edition) Model by Eaglemoss

To goldly go.

This truly is The Next Generation of collectible replicas! The artists at Eaglemoss have recreated the U.S.S. Enterprise as seen in Star Trek: TNG in a special edition celebration of their incredible Star Trek Official Starships collection. While Captain Picard and his crew might have never rocked the golden paint job on the exterior of this iconic ship, its design evokes the gallery of models housed within the observation lounge. Decorate your own captain’s quarters with this unique shining ship replica.

In the distant future … the only space you’ll have to worry about is the space on your shelf for all of these exciting Star Trek collectibles! Explore strange new worlds and seek out new life with these figures and more, all available now from Sideshow.com.

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