Rare Finds: Star Wars Art from Across the Skywalker Saga

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A Galaxy’s Worth of Star Wars Artwork

The Star Wars™ galaxy is vast — it would take you more than 12 parsecs to see it all, even with a jump to hyperspace thrown in. Sideshow Art Prints both manufactures and distributes a wide variety of Star Wars wall art and fine art collectibles for fans in every era of the Skywalker Saga and beyond. These pieces come from the imagination of incredible modern artists like Olivia De Berardinis, Jerry Vanderstelt, Urban Aztec, and more.

Whether your walls balance between the light and dark sides of the Force, you back the bounty hunters, or you’re a curator of alien creatures, these incredible art prints are available and ready to ship to you. Take your pick — any one of these will make a fine addition to your collection.

Darth Vader™: The Chosen One Fine Art Print by Marco Mastrazzo

We find your lack of art disturbing…

Destroyed by the lava of Mustafar™ and remade by it all the same, Darth Vader’s story is one of tragedy, anger, and heartbreak. Marco Mastrazzo pays tribute to the broken legacy of Anakin Skywalker™ in Darth Vader: The Chosen One. With his castle looming in the background, the Sith Lord™ easily bends the dark side of the Force to his will, crushing the hope of the Rebellion. The exposed cyborg leg gives a hint of the cold, mechanical might that has overtaken the Jedi’s™ last bits of hope. Now nothing can stand in his path towards your wall.

The Child Fine Art Print by Olivia De Berardinis

Where he goes, you go.

Some of the galaxy’s best bounty hunters couldn’t even capture Grogu, the Child — yet you can easily bring home this stunningly lifelike art print by world-renowned pinup artist Olivia De Berardinis. While usually known for her femme fatale artwork, De Berardinis captures this Force-sensitive foundling with incredible detail in a fine art giclée print. Each hand-signed The Child Fine Art Print is a faithful reproduction of the artist’s original acrylic-on-wood painting, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity. And you can take that to the guild!

The Duel: Kylo Ren™ and The Duel: Rey™ by Richard Luong (Sold Separately)

Create a dyad on your walls.

The power of the Force is strong, but the ideology behind its use divides countless galactic denizens. Some fall to the allure of the dark side while others stringently walk the path of light. Can there be balance? Or are they doomed to duel endlessly? Artist Richard Luong captures the dynamic duality of these opposing sides in The Duel: Kylo Ren and The Duel: Rey.

Both students of the Force and of generations past, they clash on the stormy ocean moon of Kef Bir™ as seen in the dramatic scene from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker™. Each print is sold separately, so you can prove your loyalty. Or, bring balance and add them both to your collection for an incredible side-by-side display of Kylo and Rey moments before battle.

Endor Chase: Star Wars Art Print by Jerry Vanderstelt

There’s no speed limit on Star Wars artwork!

Things get fast and furious on the forest moon of Endor™ with this high-octane artwork by celebrated fantasy artist Jerry Vanderstelt. Sit shotgun with a Scout Trooper™ on a speeder bike as trees and foliage rush past in the Endor Chase Fine Art Print. Rushing to defeat the Rebel forces, this Imperial officer is moving so quickly that the nose of the bike appears to break through the borders of the giclée Star Wars wall art. Blaster fire and explosions add to the excitement and drama of this dynamic scene. If you’re looking for a Return of the Jedi-inspired™ piece for your collection, your chase ends here!

The Rancor™ Fine Art Print by RJ Palmer

Aren’t you glad it’s only an art print?

Every palace needs a pit beast — why not bring home The Rancor Fine Art Print for your domain? This fearsome beast has been rendered in exceptional detail by RJ Palmer, known for his prehistoric and mythological creature designs. Jabba’s™ terrifying pet is seen here with claws outstretched, a silver tether of saliva hanging from its open maw. You can enjoy all of its awesome might from the safety of your own collection, unlike some unlucky dancers and debt-owing aliens.

Darth Maul™: Savage Rage — Star Wars Mythos Art by Brian Rood

Half the Zabrak™, double the lightsaber.

More than a phantom menace, Darth Maul has grown into a tragic figure in Star Wars history, with an evolution as compelling as his iconic design. Darth Maul: Savage Rage by Brian Rood is an exploration of his character and unbridled anger as an abandoned Sith warrior. As a part of Sideshow’s Mythos series, this portrait imagines what could have been, but maybe never was. Restored with cyborg legs and his dual-edged blade, the Zabrak warrior is ready to seek his revenge on the Jedi and on his foe Obi-Wan Kenobi™.

Boba Fett™ Fine Art Print by Jesse Hernandez (Star Wars Celebration 2022 Convention Exclusive)

The Mandalorian™, The Mythosaur™, the Legend

You’ve never seen Boba Fett quite like this before! Artist Jesse Hernandez, also known as Urban Aztec, has a signature style that combines the artistry of ancient culture with modern pop culture. The result? A totally badass bounty hunter whose design blends Maya and Mandalorian influences. Bright colors meet the geometric patterns of ancient dragon carvings, transforming his helmet, rangefinder, and chest armor into an even more formidable sight. Originally created as a Star Wars Celebration 2022 Convention Exclusive, you can bring in the bounty with this incredible Boba Fett art in your collection.

From every corner of the galaxy, every step of the saga, Sideshow Art Prints has you and your walls covered when it comes to Star Wars artwork. Be sure to check out these and other officially licensed pieces inspired by the iconic characters of Lucasfilm at art.sideshow.com.

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