Red Sonja, Queen of Scavengers is ready for battle in these new photos!

Check out some New Photos! Sideshow presents the Red Sonja: Queen of Scavengers Premium Format™ Figure. The iconic red haired axe wielding warrior is inspired by her adventures in the comic Vulture’s Circle, liberating her defeated enemies of their burdensome treasures. She is a force not to be reckoned with!

At 20.5” tall, the haughty heroine stands victorious over an unfortunate foe whose head is skewered at the end of her sword. Over her shoulder, Red Sonja has slung a massive battle-axe, inscribed with detailed filigree matching the armor of her slain enemy. Around the earthen base, a gnarled tree trunk embedded with arrows tells the story of a battle well fought- well, at least by Red Sonja.

The warrior woman has windswept crimson hair, sculpted with braids and energetic movement. Red Sonja bears a confident smirk, and subtle freckles complete her detailed portrait.  She is wearing her iconic chainmail costume with armored embellishments collected throughout her adventures, from synthetic animal furs to ornate, bloodstained boots.

The Exclusive edition of the Red Sonja Premium Format™ Figure includes a war banner cloak that drapes over the She-Devil’s shoulders as a trophy of her victory. The banner has matching filigree that adds story to the scene along with the axe and the helmet.

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