Rest in Peace, Peter Mayhew- The Man Behind Chewbacca Has Passed Away

Chewie, you’re home.

This week, it was announced with great sadness that actor Peter Mayhew, known for bringing Chewbacca to life in the Star Wars galaxy, passed away on April 30th at the age of 74. Since the news broke, Mayhew’s co-stars and Star Wars fans alike have expressed a massive outpouring of love for the legendary Wookiee. In his tribute, Harrison Ford said, “Peter Mayhew was a kind and gentle man, possessed of great dignity and noble character.”

Mayhew’s iconic role as the galaxy’s greatest co-pilot has given fans comfort and joy throughout the beloved film saga, and served as a great inspiration to many Sideshow staff who are lifelong Star Wars fans. As artists and geeks, we are continually captivated by the incredible work Peter Mayhew put forth to bring our favorite Wookiee to life. Sideshow is saddened to hear of his passing, but know that his legacy will continue to shine as long as the Force lives on in the fandom.

Our thoughts are with Mayhew’s family at this time. May the Force be with him always.