Retro Art Prints for Nostalgic Collectors and Forever Fans

All week long Sideshow is celebrating Fandom Rewind 2022. This event revisits pop culture favorites from the ’80s and ’90s for an extra serving of nostalgia. With that theme in mind, this blog is highlighting fine art prints to satisfy both new and longtime collectors of memorabilia from retro fandoms.

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads. But buckle up anyway, because you’re about to be blown away by the geeky goodness below!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Arno Kiss

Go go, art collectors, and grab this dynamic Power Rangers print. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Fine Art Print by Arno Kiss is chock full of color and bold lines that really bring out the action. And you even feel like another member of the team with the Rangers’ poses! Activate your full fandom strength when you add this to your display today.

Mallrats Movie Poster

George Bletsis

Cult classic comedy kings & queens, this Mallrats Movie Poster is for you. George Bletsis’ homage to an iconic Kevin Smith movie is brimming with Easter eggs, details, and inside jokes. Can you find them all? If you’re reading this and playing a View Askewniverse “I Spy” game, we think it’s time you hit add to cart.

BTTF, Jaws, Jurassic Park Set

Nan Lawson

Love Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, and Jaws? Can’t pick your favorite? Well, now you don’t have to. The BTTF, Jaws, and Jurassic Park Set by Nan Lawson is a vintage extravaganza of action, adventure, and art. Hang all three prints on your wall by your entertainment set to set the mood for the ultimate movie night.

Escape From New York – Snake Plissken Portrait Set

Candra Hope

Sci-fi and smoke snakes and seductive stares … who could ask for any more? The Escape From New York – Snake Plissken Portrait Set by Candra Hope captures all the danger and magnetism of this classic “bad boy” protagonist. If you’re a fan of the film, or of Kurt Russell in general, you kind of need this art.

Flash Gordon

Peter Diamond

The ’80s called, and they want you to save Earth alongside this iconic hero. This Flash Gordon Fine Art Screenprint by Peter Diamond is drenched in gold and red, representing power, compassion, vigor, and courage. Gain all these admirable attributes every time you set eyes on this Flash Gordon art for your walls.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Comic Series

Bill Sienkiewicz

Feel the power emanating from this beautiful MOTU piece that begs to adorn your wall! The Masters of the Universe: Revelation Comic Series Lithograph by Bill Sienkiewicz is a highly collectible, vivacious art piece depicting a rivalry for the ages. He-Man and Skeletor are locked into an eternal conflict that must be exhausting for them — but this saturated sensation gives us nothing but energy!

Optimus Prime

Orlando Arocena

This portrait is more than meets the eye! The Optimus Prime Fine Art Print by Orlando Arocena radiates all the strength and sophistication for which the leader of the Autobots is known. Yet the signature vector style makes it as fun as the Hasbro toys that inspired this hit franchise.


Orlando Arocena

Well we can’t have Optimus Prime without his other half, can we? If you have a preference for the bad guys, get the Megatron Fine Art Print by Orlando Arocena. Then pair him with Optimus Prime for a terrific Transformers wall art display that will have all your friends rolling out to get their own.

What does your retro art collection look like? Share photos with other fans in our Hall of Frame Facebook Group, and don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!