Return to Hoth with this most impressive Star Wars fan film, ‘Rebel Scum’

It’ll be almost an entire year before we can return to the galaxy far, far away with the next Star Wars film, Rogue One. In the meantime, you have to check out this fan film from Blood Brother Cinema Co, packed with Original Trilogy inspired character, effects and pure nostalgia.

The nine-minute short, called Rebel Scum, tells the story of one pilot stranded in enemy territory following the crash of his snowspeeder on everyone’s favorite frozen ice planet. Cut off from the Alliance, and desperate to return to his family, Echo 12 uses his wits to avoid capture and certain doom.

It features some impressive costume work and a subzero snow-covered environment captured from an airfield in Alberta, Canada. The short also has great visual effects that don’t rely on CGI, including a stop-motion AT-AT walker that looks like it marched right out off the big screen.

The creators also posted an exciting look behind-the-scenes with this making of video. Although it isn’t clear if the figure was the same one featured in the film, if you look closely you might even recognize Sideshow’s own Sixth Scale Imperial Probe Droid behind the short film’s director, Tim Nguyen.

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